Our goals tend to be an indication of where we are in life. We often focus the things that we don’t want or the things that we do want. How often though do we focus on ourselves.

Join me on this episodes to better understand how goals reveal you. How your goals actually say a lot more about you than you know.

Episode Notes

Have you ever thought why goals matter for your growth?

Goals will without a doubt create more clarity in your life. They will help you focus on what you want and lead you to change.

Whether we like it or not we are actually always setting goal. Whether we want to travel or whether we are planning our day we are setting goals.

This is not what this episode is all about. Join me in this episode and discover how you can better understand yourself with the use of goals.

0:08 Intro
0:38 Why do goals matter
1:26 When can you set your goals?
2:09 Goals guide us through life with clarity
3:28 Goals reveal your character
4:18 Goals will bring up emotions and fears
4:42 Growth mindset
5:03 What kind of beliefs do I have about my goals?
5:23 Two keys to your succeed with your goals: Boundaries and Accountability
5:40 Self-worth
6:27 Locus of control
7:08 Cause and Effect
7:20 Create some new causes
7:43 Create goals form a space of love, flexibility and acceptance
8:17 Deep down we remain the same
8:59 Life is a raging bull
9:19 Create life or life will create you
9:40 Goals homework
10:11 Outro


Why do goals and New Year’s resolution really matter. Why can they matter for you?

And what is it that you can get away from them. What is it that goals can do for you and your life. How can you change through the use of goals.

Welcome my friends to another episode from inside treasures My name is Phoebus and I love to challenge myself and those around me for the purpose of growth. This podcast is about helping you to heal, to change and grow.

This episode is all about growth.

Now why do goals and new year resolutions matter. Why do they matter to you and if they don’t, how can you start making them matter so you can get more out of life and you can get more change and more direction into the way that you want to go. Whether we like it or not, we make goals. Anyway, whenever we make a plan.

A plan about anything. We’re setting a goal setting a direction. Planning is part of our life, whether we’re planning what we’re going to have for dinner today, or what we’re going to do with our business, or the kinds of changes that we want to have in our relationships, whatever that is. We’re making a plan, making a goal, we’re setting a standard that we want to achieve.

And usually it’s a standard that we don’t have the place where we’re not there to to wait to set your goals at the beginning of the year, should you wait to have a new year’s resolution free time, that is the new year, and then go around the whole year to set the new ones. The next year, yearly goals without a doubt, they’re great because they set a direction they can set a tone for you year. You can set goals. Anytime I can set anything we set them anyway.

Anytime you can look at your life and assess things, and decide where you want to go with your life, the kinds of things that you want to do in your life goals can be very consuming but they can also put a great direction of our mind. Why aren’t goals so important for you, for me, and everyone around us goals can act as lighthouses can guide us.

They can guide us through life also act like a GPS. So why don’t we set up a direction in the GPS, and then we say, this is where we’re going, helps us have more clarity about life, helps us have more clarity about what we’re doing. Helps focus our mind and attention to things that they truly matter for us. This GPS now can help us have clarity in our life in the midst of all this noise of all the external things that are happening up in our lives right now between the news and social media the emails the instant messaging between all that noise, along with all the things all the obligations we have for all the different people for our business.

What are we working on, whatever that is. All these things are clouding our mind. We really need focusing the mind. By focusing the mind we’re able to have clarity in our life, and the things that we want. Knowing how we want our life to look like when we have clarity our life becomes a lot simpler because everything is crystal clear, we’re not second guessing things we’re not second guessing ourselves. We’ve already set certain direction.

Varieties standard of what we want in our life, we have to do is take action and turn that into reality. goals can be annoying the computer software can make us whizzed around and try to strive for things. There’s something really important about goals something that makes it very important for all of us, that we achieve our goals are not goals do they reveal as we build the quality of our character. Show us what we made out of.

One thing that we can see is like we just all talk and full of ideas do we just have wishful thinking but low little action or work ethic. When it comes into saying that we’ll do something. We honest with ourselves, are we direct. What is the kind of work ethic that we have.

When it comes to other people do we do everything that they say because it’s part of our job role but when it comes to our own personal goals do we still do the same things. Both we’ll bring up our fears they’ll bring up our insecurities, our weaknesses.

Our excuses, our tendency to blame others. Blame society and blame the fact of where we are is where we are, the more we lean into our goals, the more of that emotional baggage, we’ll find what is it about this, but I won’t, but at the same time is making me feel a certain way, is the ability to control things to the lack of growth mindset looking into growing, am I still seeing myself as being limited and not being able to learn.

The fact that I’m trying to create this perfect thing, leaning towards perfection. Being unable to progress as much as we would like. Because, in the name of progress, we’re honouring perfection. Set this Koba what kinds of beliefs to have about it, kinds of belief to have about the thing that I’m trying to achieve kinds of things do I believe about others in comparison to my goal. What kinds of beliefs, do I have about myself, achieving that goal.

We know that belief is a big key to achieving our goals. Most of all, goals will show you about your boundaries and about your accountability accountability to yourself. In what ways do the things that we say we’re going to do, doing this, the things that we say that we’re going to do with a specific goal. Then we build self trust, we build self belief, we increase our self worth, or more precisely, perception about our self worth.

One thing is setting the goal, and having a direction and clarity in your mind. That happens by deliberate thinking. The other thing that happens as a result. As the process will learn a lot about ourselves, and some of it was part of growth. Part of being challenged, it actually goes uncomfortable. And we’ll learn something about ourselves. Are we honouring being comfortable. Just doing uncomfortable things witnessing having a better quality of life makes us better people going through the process, become better people. craft their character, and nesara.

As a result, improve ourselves. Some people don’t set up goals because, doesn’t matter because we’re going to end up where I’m going to end up, because I have no saying in what happens. This has to do with control and how we’re perceived control. One of the things that we can control to see is that in life, you will end up. Well, you will end up.

Whether you set goals or not, things will happen, things will change or inability to act, or inability to set goals and to pursue them. The purpose has to do with us clinging on to things as they are, because they’re comfortable, even when we’re in a bad place, even when we feel that we need to change but we still feel stuck. Life was has its own momentum. It’s like a river flowing. So that is cause and effect causality of things, leading to what happens today.

And what will happen into the future. Setting goals we’re trying to create new causes that will create effects to the future. Again, it’s about acting in the now and the today. Life as a river, it will take you places, times will set goals or places that we want to go, but we’re not going to end up where we plan when we’re setting goals, we’re creating clarity, but you also have to do it from a space of love, a space of acceptance and a place of being flexible.

At the same time being detached. What happens. It’s all about the kinds of things that we do build our character, and not so much for the end destination. That’s why the journey becomes the goal. The goal is just the result. The goal is a byproduct of the things that we do. But when we do all those things and we change us. People part of us behaviour, and that’s part of our the characteristics and how we express ourselves because deep down will remain the same, but when we make those kinds of changes through the process of pursuing a goal, then you see we grow, life will take us somewhere. By setting a goal.

We still might not end up exactly where the goal we had in mind is, and that’s where flexibility comes in, we most probably going to end up in a better place. When we started setting goals we definitely want to be looking at the direction we’re heading the kinds of things. The results that those things produce in ourselves,

and those around us doing for example financial abundance. Might be a noble goal for some in what means am I going to do that. Remember my dad years ago he talked about. Life is like a raging bull and we need to grab it by the horns and guide it.

Life has a lot of energy, we have tendencies we have weaknesses there’s certain things that are within our character within our environment that they need to change. We can either create life or life can create us. For most of us, life is creating whatever is happening from outside. We’re being reactive. We’re not being proactive setting goals is about becoming more proactive. It’s about setting directions. Going for the things that we want.

It’s about setting a standard about our life, that we’re willing to have. Before we finish this episode, I’d like to give something for you to take away down after this episode, and think of only three things very important things that they are for you.

Most of us already have an idea of what’s going on in our mind. But what is the three most important things that you want to have in your life that are goal setting direction. What is it, why those three things down. Keep them somewhere you can see them. That will do for now.

I’m here to help you heal change and grow. If there’s anything that resonated with you. Anything that made sense to you, something that you need help with a specific goal that you have some challenges that you’re facing, reach out to me.

Thank you for tuning in to another episode from inside treasures. My name is Phoebus, and until next time, my friends, peace guide your life, love guide your heart and reason guide your thoughts.

Photograph by Sharon McCutcheon

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