Heal Change Grow

Heal Change Grow

Inside Treasures is about helping you to heal, change and grow.

Learn how to:

  • Find true connection with yourself, your loved ones and the world around you
  • Find peace, stillness and tranquility
  • Let go of limiting behaviours and the weights of the past. Allowing yourself to live freely in the present.
One to One coaching

Let's work together to discover your dream future.

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Group Coaching for Indies
Group Coaching for Indies, Makers and Creators

A 6 week 90 minute group coaching for creators.

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Finding Stillness Course
Finding Stillness Course

Reclaim your inner peace and connection to yourself.

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Listen to the podcast and find the answers to your growth.

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Phoebus is an excellent coach and I genuinely feel better and more empowered for having gone through this process.

Mariah W - Coaching

I’d felt open, inspired and more willing to do what I really wanted to do, or had to do.

Matjas K - Coaching

My mind was free of thought. I felt inner peace and a huge sense of calm.

Michelle P - Reiki

A feeling of tranquillity that I have rarely (if ever truly) experienced before.

Jerry J - Reiki

I was surprised that remote healing would work in this way but for me it certainly did.

Janet P - Reiki


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