The story behind Phoebus

My name is Phoebus and I live in Surrey, London with my wife and 2 kids. My mission in life has been to be an example of the possibility of change. Change is inevitable and deliberate change is the way forward.

As a child I was quite sensitive. At an early age I used to observe the world around me and try to understand how things work. I could often pick up other people’s emotions.

I could see that based on a specific logic how a point is valid in the persons view. That came through observing my parents “arguing” where they either agreed but in a different way or they both had a valid point without reaching a conclusion. I find it easy to change my perspective by putting myself in other people’s shoes.

I have the natural gift to be an attentive and active listener in silence. By entering into internal silence I allow a person to express themselves fully. Meditation has taught me to enter in silence and be centred.

I become the sea, most of us want a listening ear yet wherever we turn we are bombarded with opinions and replies. Creating a special environment where the client becomes the focus of the attention, yes a time just for you.

My life started turning around after failing and dropping out of university in 2003. That brought a big shift in my emotions and it made it clear about certain skewed ideas I had about myself (Inadequacy).

With a help of a friend I was able to express what I felt and work my way through it. Of course that did not happen over night.

My emotional confusion brought me to the path of looking into spirituality, mindfulness and psychology for answers. Meditations, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Sufism, Christianity, Ancient Greek Philosophers, Ancient Hindu Philosophy.

In 2010 I decided to migrate from Greece to London with £1500. Soon after that I found a job in the fashion industry working as a web developer. My motivation to come to the UK was to study hypnotherapy and to unleash the healer within me.

Since then I have devoted myself to server those around me. Training and studying is always part of my personal development so that I can further support those I work with. In my practice I use different tools, Coaching, Hypnosis, Reiki, NLP and the list goes on.

As you are reading this I want you to consider the reason you are here. Pause and look inside yourself. I am happy to speak with you. All I am interested is for you and me to have a genuine human connection. If you are up for that, book a call with me.