Do you remember the last time you were watching a movie? An action movie, or a horror movies. The music leads you into deeper into the scene. Heightening your attention, the scenes begin to change swiftly. You are sitting at the edge of your seat waiting. Your heart begins to race. Your breathing changes, it becomes more rapid. You are tensing your muscles.

Then suddenly…

Have you ever noticed what happens to your body and your mind when you watch a movie?

Our thoughts, emotions and beliefs are affecting our body and our well-being all the time. The mind-body connection a 100% real. We often hear about the mind-body connection in psychosomatic illnesses. But does it all have to be dark and gloomy?

Is there any benefit to the mind-body connection? Is there anything you can do to benefit your well-being? Can we actually get better quicker by using the mind?

Listen and find out how to use your body and your mind to your benefit

Episode Notes

00:10 Intro
00:27 Healthy Mind, Healthy Body
00:34 The link between the mind and the body
00:56 What is the mind body connection?
01:10 Mind and body is a two way street
01:24 Our thoughts, emotions and beliefs are affecting our body
02:09 Why is the mind body connection important?
02:16 Increase your awareness in our emotions and thoughts
03:03 We can use body to relax the mind and mind to relax the body
03:32 How we experience emotions and thoughts in our body
04:26 Having awareness of our own tensions
05:44 How can the mind-body affect our life in a negative way?
07:56 Stress affects our entire body
09:33 How can we benefit from the mind-body connection
09:49 Learn to relax your body
11:24 Breathing affects our heart and cardiovascular activity
11:51 When we relax we go to rest and digest, healing takes place
12:45 Find the space to call home
14:53 In Conclusion
15:34 What other healthy ways can you find to change the way you feel – when you need to
17:15 Be firm, alert and aware
17:41 Doing the things that put us in balance
18:03 Don’t expect to be in balance to get in balance, do the things and you ll get balance
18:48 Nietzsche Quote
19:10 Outro


Welcome to another episode from inside treasures My name is Phoebus and I love to challenge myself and those around me for the purpose of growth.

This podcast is about helping you to change to heal and to grow by listening to this episode, you’re going to learn about the mind body connection.

The Ancient Greeks had a saying. Healthy Mind healthy body in Greek, new to us, and so mighty technologies. Back then, the link between the mind and the body. And that was a few thousand years ago.

We’re still catching up on the previous two episodes we talked about the automatic nervous system and the emotional brain. And I thought this is going to tie in really well to the mind body connection concept. What is the mind body connection.

Mind Body connection speaks about how the mind affects the body, whether it’s our thoughts, our emotions our beliefs, attitudes, those influence our body to remember about this is also that is a two way street.

Just like communicating vessels are connected to the body and the mind, connected, and that connection works in both ways, not only one way, we’re saying is like by using our mind. By using our thoughts, our emotions, our beliefs, affecting our body to the better, to the worst, whether it is about healing quicker, or being more vulnerable and falling ill.

Doesn’t really matter because the connection is the same, or the mind body connection falls under. What is it that’s negative what is it that happens, what we hear the most is about psychosomatic illnesses.

What is it this person is a patient, the suffering, they’re suffering from heart disease or diabetes, and the saying is, this has been caused yes by probably dietary and hereditary conditions. It also has to do the way.

Mine is affected the body. Why is this concept important why am I, why do I want to share this with you because it’s really important again to remember about our awareness about our thoughts, our emotions. We can all come responsible for, and actually use them benefit.

Also see how we’re using them in their own way, that are affecting us in a negative way too limiting us or inhibiting us, and making us feel when I talked about the automatic nervous systems, and about the emotional brain, I was talking a lot about emotions and how those affects those two systems, our emotional brain, our automatic nervous system and how that, in effect, actually changes our chemistry within our body, whether it was fear, anxiety, anger, or happiness, all those different emotions, the thoughts that they come with a certain tendency to affect the body in a certain way.

At the same time, we can use our body to relax our mind. We can use the mind to relax the body. With that, we get different benefits in the body, we get different chemicals released in the body.

You have better well being, we get a better outlook in life, helps us come back against anxiety, against stress against fear, and guess, anger, more ease, be more in touch with ourselves, be more present. When it comes to emotions.

When it comes to thoughts we can actually feel them within our body NLP hypnosis, we’re actually using that in order to help people overcome whatever it is like fear, anxiety, and we can ask the person to actually name, the place and how they actually experience it is it a fuzzy feeling is it, you know, pins and needles, and we’re trying to describe that and make it more concrete for the person to be able to take hold of it, to understand it, and also to be able to change it, and shift it.

And that comes back into having control and being aware, because we’re aware of where we’re experiencing what we’re experiencing. And then how we can change that into a different feeling.

And by changing that to the different situation. It changes the emotion. So that way we get to shift energies into shift in different kinds of emotions. And then we help people to change things often not as as they can go on about my regular day, and then all of a sudden I feel attention, somewhere. It’s not that it’s not there, it’s just all of a sudden, come aware of it.

If you were to now just take a second and hold, hold a space and actually feel your body. Try to find a place where perhaps there’s some tension breathing. As you exhale just let it melt melt away. You can repeat this a couple of times. But just allow things to soften up and then you’re going to feel a bit lighter, you’re going to feel better.

You see, our things are in the background without our awareness, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. That’s part of about being more mindful and building that awareness about being more present within our body in the now paying attention to what’s happening when we send certain sensations stiffness, like anxiety in our body or stress, we can say, wait a minute, there’s nothing really dangerous right here, I can really soften up.

The Mind Body principle affect our life in a negative way. Motion motions do use chemicals in the brain. Whether it’s anger, anxiety, stress, depression, those kinds of emotions fire in our brain.

Remember the emotional brain, the amygdala, the central fire off messages, those messages are being picked up by the automatic nervous system, and has physical response within our body. And that can be normal, you know, a cars coming we can momentarily going to fight or flight model, but is to protect us, but when it becomes a long term thing.

One we’re not doing the things that we want to do because we’re too afraid when, for example, we might be at work but there’s bullying at work. When we’re avoiding having conversations with people getting into depression, for example, all these things may have an effect into our body. The fire certain chemicals within my body.

What happens at the same time is like a lot of the positive chemicals that we have such as, you know, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, they get depleted through the chronic tearing of the body. Brain burns down. In the end, and our organs which are producing those chemicals are getting tired of producing those chemicals. So there is a degree that it’s been that long that we’ve been into overstimulated at some point, the whole plant or body collapses.

For example, if an employee just insecure. When we’re in secure, or when we’re in doubt we feel a bit threat, and that threat is enough to fire off the quarters on that turn in which what it does is that it puts our whole body into a stress response.

When I think of people that call, very angry and we’ve heard stories of this person you know they got a heart attack and while they weren’t used to get the use of small galore that used to be very stressful and they used to get angry You might have heard similar stories like that, and notion is, well, when we’re running a body into certain extent, body begins to break down, because what happens. Stress actually affects a whole body.

It affects our organs, our nervous system, our skeletal system our immune system our reproductive system, our digestive system. Everything gets affected. Because, again, this has to do with prolonged stress is one it’s like happening constantly.

Oh, my job is always very demanding so every single day I can never relax and I spend eight hours a day, being stressed under threat, meaning that I’m always behind these kinds of emotions, I see how they can have an effect. Now how. And then we wonder people work for like 20 years. And then, the rich retirement or on their way to retirement burn out either physically or mentally or emotionally.

Because we are so used to running all the way to the read, not only for a fraction of time, but for a long time. That takes a toll in our psychology, takes a toll into our emotional well being. And of course, into our body. And that’s the whole concept behind the mind body connection.

Whatever we think what I would feel, having an effect in our physical body, because we’re spending a lot of time talking about, you know, having healthy lifestyles what we bought we drink and of course important, important to our physical health. on stress we’re more likely to eat about food.

More likely not to exercise for the most of us because we don’t have time. We talked about how the mind body connection can work against us, but now let’s think about how we can actually benefit us How can this principle of Mind Body connection benefits. First of all, we start from where we are.

One common practice that anyone can benefit from is learning to relax her body. Learning to relax and breathing deeper than we usually do, doesn’t mean we have to really go on to the extent of really holding our breath far too long. Breathing so GP that we can barely breathe does not stop being relaxing. Oxygen usually tends to be natural.

Focusing on our breathing. We tend to learn what’s natural for us, and try and play a little bit and extend that a little bit more. See how thought affects our mind and how that affects our emotion and how that affects our body. As part of being mindful, that’s part of the practice of mindfulness, and even like hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

That’s like the main key that we use, and Sara stop. Cheap Hypnosis is a very useful one use it in Reiki as well. Find the space for yourself, just for a few moments. Be with yourself and be happy, and fine about when we spend time in that, we see that our mind begins to slow down a mind chatter slows down, the way we think slows down affairs just like Chris almost noise, I can bear this focusing into guiding or our awareness, relaxing our body, breathing deeply, finding places where we experience stress tension, allowing that to melt off to melt away, just like an ice cube, we relax on breathing.

So relax our cardiovascular system. Now we have hypertension yeah won’t be the same cause breathing, cardiovascular system are linked together. So usually when we start to deeply, ambu begin to relax. All right, we can still calm down. When that happens of course our bodies slowly slowly starting to relax. When we relax, allow our body to go from fight or flight rest and digest. That is why we heal only physically but also emotionally.

When we allow our body to relax. Allow the mind to relax, and we allow the mind to relax, allow the body to relax the effect that that has for us begin to heal. Not saying that we have to be in a constant state of being like a zombie, and all. So relax and nothing is facing me and actually I’m just not even going to get out of bed because that’s going to stress me.

It’s not about avoiding life. This is about taking the time within your life, the day to day activities, whether it’s in between things, or the beginning of the day, but at the end of the day, about finding that space and calling home, finding that space which we allow our mind to relax and our body to relax, because we’ll find that that actually benefits are well.

What are some other ways of of benefiting from the mind body connection. Well, as simple things, bluffing spending time with those with love making love, love and wanting to create it doesn’t always have to be a romantic relationship. Even having those people that we care about and they care about us, creating them bonding.

Whenever we have, like, if it’s a project that we really care and love about. First of all, if it’s surrounded about people and giving and receiving positive healthy way, these kinds of things by crude is positive. hormones, such as oxytocin with Saudi Arabia when you’re getting cortisol you get less oxytocin, you get more oxytocin you get less cortisol.

When you’re laughing we get more dopamine more serotonin, and these are like going again but it’s about hormones to help us feel great. And those great hormones, one feeds to the other. In the physical space, we’re interacting with other people probably having a sense of emotions and thoughts going on, and quite on at the same time.

When we’re having those interactions one piece the other when I’m having a good time having the positive reaction within me. I’m having the positive emotion so having the positive thoughts, and those things are off motions to our benefit, help us achieve well being, without medication or without anything outside of us, because, saying that we actually have everything that we need within our body, body can produce all sorts of chemicals that can actually help us prevent experiencing severe pain, help us deal with a pain, and actually relieve us from pain.

Conclusion Mind Body connection, Jesus, our emotions, and our thoughts affect our physical body, and our body affects our emotions and thoughts can either poison our blood, with different chemicals. We can poison our blood and destroy our health, without the use of any external substances, or drugs, or we can improve our well being and health and mood quality of our thoughts and emotions again without the use of any substances.

If you think about it a lot of times people take any external substances. A lot of times has to do with changing the way we feel different ways to change the way we feel it’s one thing I want you to take away the ways can you find to change the way you feel you need two ways to actually benefit your health, your well being. ways that don’t create dependencies, to other people, or other things. The Mind Body connection to your advantage.

What are some things that you can do. Basis starts with looking after ourselves, really basic is eating better sleeping better exercising. Exercise again, we have different kinds of hormones, like a pass through the body, helps us feel better. Learning to relax.

Learning to relax, it’s a skill. We all do it in a way, but it’s about tapping into it, and how we do it. And being more aware of that. How do I relax. How do I do things that actually helped me feel good. Again I’m tapping into awareness. Awareness of tension within our body awareness of how does happiness feel within me. And this heart is filled with 1415, others joy feeling within me, is having those awarenesses, because then we can recall emotions within our body, and we can actually think of how does he feel feeling love does it feel to blissful

How does it feel to be excited, different emotions and we express them in different ways. Also, day to day basis, missing. Just emotion making me feel in my body belongs to a show closed. Definitely tends to feel relaxed. I feel firm firm, just between the two solid. Relax, doesn’t always mean being asleep. We can be alert aware, noticing the physical sensations, and how we can actually learn to release that tension from within the body. You go a few episodes back.

You might also remember about episode I talked about doing the things that put you in balance, and actually recognizing what those things are. When we recognize what are the things that put us in balance, naturally have a list that can deliberately think, and actually act and behave and do the things that actually make us feel in balance.

And don’t expect to be imbalanced in order to do those things actually do those things to get you in balance for like, going for a walk in the forest, and I know that that makes me imbalanced. Even if I’m the most upset and the most lost in my life. I can’t wait until I feel good again.

I have to go now. I have to go today, walk in the forest and then when I come out of the forest. At that time, I start reaping the benefits. I’ve been reaping the benefits through the process that applies to everything. don’t wait for the planets to align.

Start and the process itself. Leads itself, brings and attracts the energy that we’re looking for.

There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy. – Friedrich Nietzsche

To become more sensitive to the messages, our bodies something is communicating things to us, are we listening. When you’re listening to can all learn to listen a little more. Build that sensitivity and then act accordingly.

Please share this podcast with anyone you think may benefit.

Until next time, peace guide your life love guide your heart and reason guy to thought.

Photograph by Halacious Ogvq from Unsplash

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