Understanding how we experience the world is not enough for us to be able to navigate it successfully. We have to use the model to our benefit.

Can we change how we experience the world? Is there a deliberate way of doing this. A way that doesn’t leave things to chance.

Yes, there is. With questions.

Questions are powerful. Questions help us shift our attention and direct our mind. We get a compass that we can use to navigate our world.

By following the questions we start to be deliberate on how we experience the world. We begin to design pleasurable thoughts and emotions. As an effect how we feel about others and ourselves changes. How we view the world changes.

Download the questions pdf before listening to the new episode.

It lists the question in a clear way making it easier for you to craft your experience of the world.

Episode Notes

  • 01:48 Before we start
  • 02:12 In short
  • 02:37 Why work on the negative
  • 04:18 What are 3-5 things put me out of balance
  • 05:45 What are 3-5 things put me in balance
  • 11:19 Summarise 4 step formula 
  • 11:27 In conclusion
  • 11:47 If you can remember only one thing


Welcome to another episode from inside treasures. My name is Phoebus and I love to challenge myself and those around me for the purpose of growth. This podcast is about helping you to heal, to change and to grow. By listening to this podcast series, you will learn how to find your connection with yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you how to find peace and stillness and tranquility within you how to let go of limiting behaviours and the weights of the past, allowing yourself to live freely in the present. In the previous episode, we talked about how we experience the world. And this episode, we have a hand in hand questionnaire to go with, along with a four step formula that can help us change the way we feel and the way we think and the way we experience the world. Before we jump into this, I like to refresh our memories with the model on How we experience the world. So in the previous episode, we talked about how we experienced the world, a model that described a series of concentric circles. And we said on the outside, we had the world, the world that we all experience.

And then we had the insight of how we experience the world, our sets of emotions, our thoughts, our desires, our beliefs. And we said that at the core of this model was the observer. And between the inside and outside world was the lens, a filter that affects how we see the world. And we said that we communicate with this world through our five senses, internal sensors, and external sensors. Now that we covered the basics, we can go into and take that information and use it to improve our life. Now before we start, this is an exercise where you get try things, get a piece of paper, get a pen, a pencil, whatever it is that you like. So you can Be ready. Pause this recording, get ready. If you don’t have the time right now you’re doing something else.

You can listen to this and then come back and do the exercise or just pause it, and then you can do it later. And so we want to identify what is our upsets our internal world? What are the things that put us off balance? Are there certain things that I’m doing? Are you doing that we’re doing? A put me off balance? What are the things that put you in balance? And then lastly, to use the system that’s in place? Use the images, the thoughts, the emotions, the sounds, but why work on the negative? Why do I need to identify what’s wrong? Because no matter how much positivity we can, no matter how much joy not we can get, if we don’t process what we call negative.

We can’t find freedom. We can sit and meditate for hours and find blessings.

And find peace and connect with ourselves and then come back and have an argument with someone and then go back into worrying and being anxious about life. Although it has been quite although has improved moments of our life, although has improved us overall as people have sort of wasted our time because we missed opportunity. I remember once I had a Reiki session and the person I was having a Reiki session with before the session, they were anxious and relaxed, and she was calm and things for a while and she found peace and calm down.

Well then coming out on the other end of that same anxieties, the same stress came over back again. And that is that the end of a train. Okay, how the positive experience. We don’t deal with it before. We don’t we deal with it after and we Just keep regurgitating the same emotions.

Yeah, it was great. Yeah, it was beneficial. But then we go back to our ones. I’m gonna put a PDF file with the questions up so you can download it. And then you can work it if you want to, that makes it easier.

First question.

What are the three to five things that put me out of balance? Three to five things that put me out of balance. Is it someone that irritates me? Is it something that I do? Is it an addiction? Is it a weakness that I have? Is it receiving criticism? Is it whenever someone says something, I get upset? Is it What is it? What are the things that pull me out of patterns?

What am I feeling?

What am I thinking at the time?

What impact is that creating inside of me?

How does that change the temperature of my internal experience?

What am I actually trying to get to? What is it that I need?

What is the positive intention behind this?

I can experience this positive intention right now. How can I give to myself what I need? Use the model? should I listen to something different? Basically, how can I change the way I feel? And what do I want to feel? What do I want experience in the world? What must I believe, for this thing to keep happening? Has it been happening over and over? Can I do anything differently? Can I respond differently? Can I give it a different twist? One of the three to five things are put me in balance. Why is she going for a walk? Is it spending time with my friends? Is it playing video games?

What is it that does it for you as a meditating is a yoga it’s a boxing is exercise what is it that makes you feel great about yourself and about the world? What are three to five things that you know can make you feel great isn’t burning incense? Is it listening to music? That I have to be huge things?

Actually the smaller the better.. Other things you can do inside of you

Can you speak to yourself in a different way? So what am I feeling? What am I thinking? What impact is this creating me? I’m listening to music What impact what one internal emotions what thoughts do I get when I’m listening to classical music for example?

That’s your thing.

And that’s making me feel happy that’s making me feel serene, peaceful. Why don’t the emotions behind What’s going on? doesn’t make me feel connected, grounded, happy content. Can I remember someone spoke to me or made me feel good inside?

Finding a moment, and someone said something where you felt fantastic. Or you felt grounded when you felt relief? While you felt relaxed? Can you remember that?

The tone of their voice?

What is it that they said how they made you feel? Again, I’m going back to how we feel, how we think how we feel, how we think.

How you get to that doesn’t matter.

What is it that bring you joy?

How can I feel more of this?

I can experience one of them right now. In a few moments. find happiness as an experience. Find harmony in the case. There’s something that brings you joy and describe just my apparent and, moreover, over and over again, whether it’s a walk or a path, find out how you can incorporate all of these things into your life as often as you can to improve the quality of your life. Now, how can we swap from a negative to positive? Can we move on the things that put us out of balance and use the things that put us in balance? You said the difference. You have two things you get to control two livers. At first is Harmer, appealing, being aware, swapping from the negative to the positive? What is it that I want to experience more of?

How can I change what I think and feel?

What can I think and feel instead? Lastly, the four step formula to own our internal world four steps our awareness message Vision, action, awareness, message, vision, action. So the first step is being aware in a non judgmental way. How, what am I feeling or thinking right now?

What is it that I’m feeling or thinking

right now? You can practices anything, anytime. What am I feeling or thinking right now? What are my internal representations right now? That is awareness message. What is this telling me?

What is the nugget of wisdom behind this?

I’m experiencing something like anger or anxiety. Is this trying to tell me something? is telling me that perhaps I’m not putting my boundaries up. I’m not being assertive enough. I’m feeling anxious is this actually flagging something that makes sense? feel insecure?

Why am I feeling like that? What does this have to tell me? What is the nugget of wisdom behind the experience? What is the end message? The next is? The next is your vision? What do you want to be? What would I like to think? Or feel? Instead, another received and accepted the message? What do I want to feel instead? What do I want to experience what I want to think? And then it’s action. How can I think and feel that now? I’ve identified what I need to feel. How can I actually turn that into reality? Should I go out for a walk? Or should I go and meditate? What are the good experiences that were talking about earlier that can fit in here? For example, awareness, I found myself that something happened in my life, and I feel out of sorts.

Is there a positive message to this? Is that something that I can learn from this? Yes. Don’t allow other people to upset me. What would I like to think Instead, what is my efficient? I want to feel positive about myself. I want to feel loving towards others. Good. How? How can I do this, maybe put something nice that will make me feel nice, maybe have a bath, maybe go for a walk, maybe have a conversation with that person that upset me and actually resolve things.

So that’s the four step formula, being aware finding message, finding a new vision and direction and acting on it.

In conclusion, now that we’ve understood the whole concept of the model of how we experience the world, the key is to build internal and external awareness, what is going on outside of us? What is going on within us? And how do we communicate with the world between ourselves and the world and other people? How do things take place?

If you can remember only one thing from the whole podcast? Is that how can I change what I’m experiencing right now into something positive? And what can I learn from it? So in this episode, we talked about how we experience the world with a questionnaire, a questionnaire that can help you discover things that put you off balance and how you can get yourself back in balance. Use the list of the things that you have of how to get back in balance. And use them pretty much daily with Pappas.

Just take these things and do with them. We can purposely make ourselves feel good, make ourselves think of nice things. And that’s why by uncovering those key questions, those three to five things that can help you feel great and fantastic about yourself.

When you put your attention to that,

you will shift your awareness you will shift the way you feel you will shift the way you think and inevitably you will shift the way you act. I hope you enjoyed this episode. You can download the questionnaire from inside treasures calm and look for How we experience the world. questioner is the pot to share this podcast with anyone who you think might benefit. Until next time, let peace guide your life.

Let peace guide your life, Love guide your heart and Reason guide your thoughts.

Photo by Gustavo Torres

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