Practicing mindfulness is one habit that can change your life significantly. The reason is that it helps us get a clearer and sharper mind.

It helps us become more sensitive to our internal and external world. On the previous episode we used mindfulness to focus our attention to the world.  On this episode we will turn our attention inwards.

If meditating has been on your mind for a while, this is definitely the episode to listen to. Jump on and learn how simple it is to practice mindfulness.

Focus your mind on your breathing for a few minutes at a time.  There is no reason to over do it.  A 3 minute daily habit is much more powerful than 1 session of 40 minutes.  5-10 minutes tends to be a good starting point.

Episode Notes

0:08 Intro
1:08 Happiest man in the world
1:53 Forget about special meditations
2:41 Why should you meditate?
3:20 Seeing what’s there
3:41 Water meter story
5:35 Pressing leg
6:41 When to meditate
8:08 How to meditate
12:55 Passing clouds analogy
13:13 Waves Analogy
13:54 Conclusion
14:56 Moving beyond obstacles
15:05 Calling home
15:56 Plant the seed
16:07 Outro


Welcome to another episode from inside treasures. My name is Phoebus and I love to challenge myself and those around me for the purpose of growth. This podcast is about helping you to heal, to change and to grow. By listening to this episode, you will discover about finding peace, inner stillness and tranquility. In the last episode, we talked about mindfulness about building and external awareness, the use of mindfulness training on the world out there and standing is out there.

Think things for what they are isn’t going within finding that internal awareness, finding that peace within finding stillness and tranquility.

A few days ago was on the FT and it was a story like and they had a one of the monks from the Himalayas. His name is Matthew Ricard theory current is French. He’s been labeled as the happiest man in the world. He had a wonderful quote, that make peace within your own mind. Then the time feels so long or so difficult.

Particularly like, but the quote was about peace within our own mind. Find a peace within explaining the last episode. Mindfulness is about being present. This and we practice mindfulness through meditation, focusing on our breathing, focusing on the meditations. to focus on something. The last episode we focused on this episode, we were focusing on breath boarding, special meditations.

You can have his nice visualisations, mantras, and all sorts of different things that they can help you focus your mind, but it’s not the right foundations. Although they’re far I found through my experiences that thought the proper foundation if we’re unable to find the place with any button, it all stops will become more calm and more searing. The special meditation doesn’t much pay much it does nothing because trying to focus on the meditation but a mind chatter or emotional upheaval, allowing us to be there with our meditation.

Remember, simplicity works.

You go through the trouble of practicing mindfulness. Number one means increases your sensitivity to experience the world to experience yourself. It’s about coming in touch with our internal universe that we have. knowing what’s going on. Because at different times we have emotions we have thoughts and we’re not even aware is mind chatter that we have from day to day that goes on in the background.

How often do most of us just go along with it and just go wherever it takes us know that creates motion. Another thing is seeing things that that that that you just don’t see, both internally and externally present super important, or won’t being super important to actually make sense of the world. Seeing things that are not there

or reminds me of a story. My name is Troy and when I was younger, for some reason, I had to go and find a water meter. And get a reading of that water meter. Oh, my father was not there. But my uncle once. Then I went and asked him, I said, Do you know where this water meter is? I know it’s up there. He said, You just go up there, find it. It’s new, pour that stone. You go up there, and you will find that a water meter is up there. Next to this pole. I went up there, and it’s time to look and I looked here, and I looked there, and I thought, I looked everywhere.

Like 10 minutes. 1015 minutes looking for this multimeter to get that reading. When back disappointed, I said, I can’t see I can’t find it. It must be there, but I just don’t know where it is. Look to me, he smiled.

He said, Okay, let’s go and have a look. Can you where to look? Of course. He says somewhere. It’s a no doubt. He pointed to it. And he said Why? They’re all of a sudden don’t want me to that was there all along, just emerged in front of my eyes was that I would look at it or not see it. And that’s the kind of concept we have. It’s like things are fair, but we just miss them. That goes along with everything can be the love that we have around us we miss out on it can be great opportunities that we just get hold of because we just don’t see them can be that emotional pain them we go over and over again. Be those pressing habits, addictions, it can be anything is there, I would just see it. Once the thing is as if I’m pressing on your leg and it just hurts by you have no awareness of your life.

To all of a sudden asked you to pay attention to how you’re feeling in your body.

You feel the pain in your leg. Like Hold on a minute, I’m feeling this, but I’ve also been a bit non fully experienced pain. It’s not only about pain, it can be about pleasure because when we’re in pleasure that we can be fully in pleasure. In general, it’s about like I said, finding that inner stillness, there’s a point zero.

Things just start to push us and pull us our thoughts and emotions bombed out. That’s a very special place to be in. I will give you great strength. Ability competent in the world. Covered the why. Let’s get a little bit more specific. Let’s move into someone.

Want to build habits?

Habits are like A great buzzword these days and everyone is trying to do things and change the way they live and change their day to day habits. Without a one without knowing when we want to this creates trouble it creates a lot of friction creates a lot of ambivalence you don’t know when, then when if we do it whenever we feel like it. We’ll get to that later. Just never will feel like info like it once a week, once a month, but it’s not enough. Create a time block, preferably something that follows like an event. You might be like right after you finish work or before you start work. Works for me is wake up brush my teeth, drink some water, then go and meditate.

If I look outside, if I want to speak to someone, hard to build a momentum again, back into Okay is the hot position then it says to create inner friction to find the time for you be undisturbed by an event before an event. You have the moment how you have this mindful meditation names

Can I get sit comfortably by the likes of low light on the floor can be a check we might have accomplished your bed pointed because it’s very easy to fall asleep. You fall asleep you fall asleep.

Well, sometimes I won’t want to meditate. But actually I fell asleep in such a horrible thing. I’m always high on the place to relax, fell asleep. Listen, just keep going. This way not because I’m gonna do it slowly but it’s gonna be short and if you do it, hope you have the space and time to do it. It will stay with you because you have experienced it will be easier to recreate, sit or lie or whatever is comfortable to you.

Your eyes open to the spot somewhere. You see your eyes constantly flicker and go from one place to the next. Find one spot. Stay there. While you’re listening to my voice you can keep staying on a hot spot slows down your cage will slow down or eyes. Things begin to slow down as well.

Now that you found that spot you’re looking at here, allow your eyes to shut because we’re trying to stop focusing within your eyes, we’re chatting one of our senses, coming more in contact with within.

Become aware into your breathing.

You’ve been creating all this time, same constant. It’s been going on and on and on it how aware we are of our breath, experiencing our breathing.

It’s home can bring comfort to us.

As long as it’s nice, makes me cool and deep within and from 54321, and then exhale.

Breathing 54321 and exhale inhale 54321 So, we just momentary is breathing in order to attract our attention to it.

Now that we’ve done this, you don’t have to continue with inhaling 54321. This changes the rhythm of your breathing. It creates a deeper appraising, and an all male one.

And it just allows mine to begin to rest. our attention to begin to focus internally to our breathing helps us ground us. It also begins to change our nervous system.

Moving into from The sympathetic to the parasympathetic system, we’re going to have another episode about basically telling the nervous system, you can calm down. You see, it’s not only about the mind,

It also affects the body, and the body affects the mind changing the way we breathe. They used to say that the gaps between the breaths, find God. Many years I was meditating and meditating and meditating. There were a lot of times to find it very hard to switch off.

That was when that change was when I started to focus on that level cap. Start to the focus instead of trying to silence all those thoughts that were coming to me. It was a great tip.

I think too, to listen to that space between the thoughts that space Between the waves that they come in, we focus on that, that space. These forts and emotions like passing clouds.

See it and fast forward Of course. Common they go. Come they go and they pass. Or you can think of them like waves

Calm, they slowly build up their it’s their peak, and then they crash. And as they cross that dissipate, they disappear, cease to exist. And then there’s another wave that comes in it rises it peaks and it crashes. Then again and again. Again, we can be okay with process flow. As we keep focusing on our breathing, inhaling, exhaling.

We should awareness is the first step to changing any behaviour, any thought or emotional pattern. It’s about building internal sensitivity, external sensitivity or systemic because it will help you in general, but it also has to do with a moment to moment Back to the you’re practicing helps you win that race called life.

Moment to moment your practice, let’s say in the morning, you know it’s gonna get it right that’s fine Moment to moment we begin to increase our own sensitivity and awareness, and we’ll learn to recognise shifting thoughts and emotions will learn to work. Recognising the push and pull they produce and how they affect our behaviour, kinds of things that we’re doing. We’ll learn to Be more aware of our external environment. bother people How we feel how we think We’ll also be able to follow duck breast within

More on when we become

More we practice them over. Find quiet enough Then we can move Beyond our obstacles They’ve been holding us back then we can change things because we own of strength, influence media. is a way of calling home Way to be alive and Way to be here in the here and now. We only do that by practicing

Somehow with time with mature is it to be perfect, we’re going to be like the happiest Mind in the world. Probably not going to improve the quality of our life but you are call home as often as you can. The happiest man in the world said to could Meditation. There’s nothing highly mysterious about it. does require practice We have to do Put the practice to come mittman going up time though we said we’re going to have our presentation. That’s all it takes. Then the rest will come. Like planting a seed and watering. We’re not the ones making Can it grow?

But do we keep the conditions right?

Plants will grow the tree will grow.

Please share this podcast with anyone you think may benefit.

Until next time, let peace guide your life, love guide your heart and reason guide your thoughts.

Photograph by: Harli Marten 

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