In the previous two episodes we talked about the model of how we experience the world. The centre of those concentric circles was us. The person which we called the observer. In our experiential bubble of the world that is where everything takes place.

In this episode we can learn to use mindfulness and come in contact with the world. Mindfulness is about bringing our attention to the present moment without any judgement.

You may wonder, how does that help us come in contact with ourselves?

By looking outside we can learn a lot form nature. We shift our attention outside of ourselves. When we do so, all the noise within tends to slow down. All the internal chatter and emotions tend to ease off. Allowing us to be free from any internal interference. Learn to look at the world with curiosity and its wisdom will shine within you.

In the last episode, we talked about swapping unpleasant to pleasant experiences. One of my 3-5 things that put me in balance is to be mindful in nature – fully aware and curious.

In this episode we explore the importance of a mindfulness practice. You will get to listen a mini meditation. Practising allows us to be in touch with our environment. Despite focusing out there, we get to come in contact with ourselves.

The observer (You) begins to see the world more clearly, undistorted from emotions and thoughts. The lens that we view the world becomes clearer.

As we reclaim our inner balance, we get beauty, harmony, love. We get to be one with the world out there.

Take these learnings and head over to nature. In there find your connection with the world. Observe and notice what happens as you find a connection with yourself.

This is the external practice of mindfulness. Focusing outwards. In a different episode we will talk about being mindful of what happens within.

Episode Notes

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00:30 Previous episode
00:53 In This episode
01:02 Mindfulness
01:31 Focusing on the outside world
01:49 Disco/Club Analogy
04:58 Mindfulness exercise
09:12 Our inner world reflects on the outer world
10:12 Conclusion
11:38 Outro


Welcome to another episode of Inside Treasures, my name is Phoebus, and I love to challenge myself, and those around me, for the purpose of helping you to heal, change grow.

Listening to this episode. Find a way, find true connection with yourself, the world around you, previous episodes used as a way to shift our attention, how we experience the world that episode, before that one. It’s kind of the bottom model of how we experience the world. This is also linked. If you have time, go back and listen to the episode, so you can understand how we experience the world. In this episode,

We’re going to focus on one of my favourite ways of changing how we experience the world way that we come in contact with ourselves.

What is mindfulness.

Mindfulness is about bringing your attention to the present. Judgment. And by doing that come in contact me contact, who we are, we come in contact with the world around us. See mindfulness can give you sanity can give you peace, and can give you pleasure, how we experience the world to a more engaging way. This episode, we’re gonna mainly focus about being in the present moment, focusing outside of ourselves to focus upon. What’s.

Club/Disco Analogy

Think of an analogy to think of the times, perhaps you’ve been in a disco, or you’ve been in like a club or you’ve been someone that was a lot, a lot of noise. Somehow you might as well have a good time somehow you might have been, like, they they tend to be best ones because the music is booming it’s raining out. A lot of people you’re shouting to your friends or someone shouting at you, trying to hear what they’re saying. Apps dancing having a very good time. It’s very loud. We’re not as much. We are aware of it. By having fun so why does it matter minutely. We go outside of that place.

To see how much noise, drop to notice, perhaps our use of pausing thinking was really loud in there.

Now I feel so much more peaceful, much more serene yeah had a blast you had a good time. I feel calmer now. When I was in that environment so that environment was constantly evironment was causing me some kind of trouble. Boy was pleasant noise levels were too high.

We’re in this content to be quite similar to how we experience the world from day to day how all this mind chatter and we have all these different pictures and images what making with our minds. We have all these different emotions Our thoughts are constantly moving and shifting and creating interference of how we experienced the world how we experience ourselves within the world. This interference this noise that keeps happening time, the time time.

There is a way to shift. Not only support a timeframe.

Finding a space, finding the time when we practice, the more we realised that actually we don’t need almost point. Once we can find that space for us to be long as we are in the present moment.

Missing at the beginning. Interference that exists. Your attention, something else. That’s why I like this kind of exercise today we’re going to likely touch is about.

When you contact. What it is truly fully connected with the world around us, we shift our attention when we are into.

We have here. Want to fully see Tony here fully feel want to feel the wind, want to listen to see we want to hear that want to smell the soil we want to experience what is out there.

Part B to C at a mountain Hill forest. Doesn’t matter. More to nature. But you tune in. Whether you feel great being and you don’t like the sea, and I take you to the sea. I’m gonna have fun. I know this, I’m gonna have a lot of high plains. True. Natural breathing for a few more changes, experiencing something profound few minutes, experiencing. Changing your attention, focusing your breathing on your eyes, enjoy that journey of itself in something that’s happening all the time by yourself, observe this memory is around you.

Rather, can’t supply fashions. What is the body language. Notice if that happens. Notice, take note know what’s happening. Nature.

When you focus on nature. Feeling peace, harmony within. Discover tender. Penny you have a glimpse for a second into this world can change your life significantly will discover a whole new world A world full of optimism, as things are okay. out you will understand the world is what it how you feel, or you don’t see, well, mainly harmony. But trees. Operation flourishing full of life full of excitement, full of power of mystery can have this experience in the real world.

And happen within our imagination.

You can’t go anywhere, shut our eyes and remember the nice place we had a good time to sing, remembering and hearing the things that we had. So when we’re in that place. It’s not hard can remember with picture remember how you felt. I feel in that place, because what we’re getting into again, our internal experience using the outside world, to tap into what’s within us to tap into some harmony on this. We’re using the outside world, and that’s helping us into that.

We’re looking at them. Breathing in, breathing out positive happy.

We can find peace, we can find stillness and find out. We want to hold positive. We’re in tune with who we are is for us to connect with the world.

Help us feel refreshed boosted like the tree. Flexible branches of a strong tribe, are rooted within the thing to understand this outside, there is peace inside this tool, where we get a ton of experience with sad, angry, folders and personal subjective experience like I said earlier, it’s 100%.

Most of the times we’re the ones that make this piece inside, outside this commotion. We think of subjective experience as being that piece. No we don’t see the commotion.

Don’t see, because we’re so well rooted, because we have such a strong punk thing to keep our income and experience intact. Wake up, we talked about mindfulness how likely tried it, landscape of mindfulness, about being more present appealing to the observer, observing the world around by seeing by hearing by smelling using your five senses fully experienced the world by shifting from the day to day all about me being out on one side, check into the wall on the other side.

Receiving projections on the world. Now the one thing that I would like to take this idea. Why the place is to go and experience and spend 510 minutes. You want to walk walk walk stone. If you can sit in one place, or in one place.

Whatever is comes to your attention. Be in the present moment, you will be here, and the desires that come to you I want to go there I want to do this I forgot to do that.

Share this podcast with anyone who you think might benefit.

Until next time, let Peace guide your life, Love guide your heart and Reason guide your thoughts

Image from Joshua Earle

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