Imagine a life without emotions, a cold, dull and logical life. How boring would that be? Now imagine a life where emotions run your every action without any logic. How dangerous could that be?

In this episode we will talk about the emotional brain. We will understand the power of emotion. Emotion can help us experience and come in contact with the world. Emotions are a great blessing but they can also prove to be a threat. A threat to whom?

To ourselves and others – the ones you deeply love and care so much about.

Getting highly emotional inhibits our thinking brain, we stop being rational. We all have seen ourselves and others act with emotion. Doing things they wouldn’t normally do, saying things they never meant. There is a physiological reason behind this.

Next time you get too emotional remember to

  • Become Aware (yup, awareness shows up here again)
  • Experience your experience, feel it, embrace it, notice it, notice your thoughts. Don’t fight, don’t run, don’t try to figure out why – just be. By experiencing it and being aware you will find a sense of calm. Once you are calm do something that puts you in balance.
  • Now that your brain is fully functioning again, self reflect.

When I get too emotional, I rather wait and not react. I rather leave things and think them over when my brain is working. It is not because I am running away from things, it’s a conscious choice. I don’t like damaging myself or others in the process of emotional arousal. I am not always successful by the way…

Yes there will be times we need to be assertive and set our boundaries in the moment. There will be times that emotions get the best of us. But don’t allow the heat of the moment carry you away.

Remember to use emotion… but don’t let your emotions use you. Use emotion constructively and many doors will open for you.

Episode Notes

0:08 Intro
0:21 The Emotional Brain
1:29 Emotion can be a great ally but also an enemy
1:43 Simple anatomy of the brain
3:04 How we experience the world (link)
3:54 Emotion precedes thought
4:17 Powers of amygdala
5:02 Higher the emotional arousal the more closed the brain gets
5:45 Black and White Thinking
8:18 Emotions stops us from thinking
8:34 Why me, spiral down
9:03 Identify emotional brain by the catastrophic thinking
9:21 How can I calm myself down
10:06 Awareness
11:18 Experience it go into it
11:38 Remember the things that put you in balance
12:31 Post event reflection
13:20 Speak to emotion with emotion
13:44 Use your senses to achieve peace
15:10 Summary
15:59 In Conclusion
16:45 Avoid acting when emotional
17:01 Leave things for a while
17:34 We can be spontaneous but not to our expense
18:37 Emotions are great
19:59 Outro

Transcript (Bad Transcript)

Welcome to another episode from Inside Treasures. My name is Phoebus and I like to challenge my self and those around me from the purpose of growth. THis podcast is about helping you to heal to change and to grow.

In this episode we are going to talk about the emotional brain.

situation where your emotions, emotion. Emotional emotional. Thought is anger, depression excitement enthusiasm, negative emotion. Emotional emotions drive our behaviour. Sometimes that can lead to trouble concepts are coming from him human Givens which is a therapy approach to how our mind works.

Can be a great turn out to be great enemy. We don’t want to do things we don’t want to say. We don’t want to be the brain now the brain has a lot of the main ones, the brainstem is also called the reptilian brain which is has to do with our movement, breathing. The brain.

When we think of the brain. When we picture in our minds, the picture that we keep seeing the left and the right hemispheres. The left brain, the right brain. Some people call it analytical language logical sequential time is about cause and effect.

All about any part of the brain to be about patterns about reading content of things together imagination metaphors abstract us both of the hemispheres. We thought we have a higher thinking that higher thinking allows us to see things from different viewpoints allows allows us to reason.

Under the emotional elements of the limbic system columns. Really a chamber, and the chamber that receives information or senses, remember when we talked about how we experience the world. Episode to listen to it. Then we’ll also send it to them.

Amygdala is also known as the brain amygdala, not the heart of the emotional response system in the brain, right close emotional brain makes us understand that motion. Proceed. Proceed consciousness. Proceed brain in the system. receives that information tries to pattern match and make sense of what it is.

And its main reason is to make sure that whether something is safe. They’ll make the law. Powers disposal. Remember emotion is very powerful because it can drive behaviour.

It can help us with our survival. The amygdala can either trigger the fight, flight or freeze, as well as the disposal signal or brain and say, Why to do something right now about maintenance, communicating with the body, saying, it’s time to run time fight. the other power is signal to rational. The more emotional, the more we become stupid.

I’m not here. Makes sense. To help us make sense of what is the brain, make sense. When do we. He can understand the thinking brain goes into something that’s actually a catastrophe. Not sure what to do so he’s trying. He’s trying to get more information, limited in a simple way. Tell me, what do I need to do now. We will take emotional memories thing that our brain now we’re talking about physicality but social works on an emotional level.

That’s why, that’s the only reason practice torturers come alive. That’s why we also want to say that we have a negative bias for survival so we always see things as a basic human. We have a sense of approach, pain, or pleasure coming our way and we’re on the road. We’re not going to use our brain that says, miles an hour, about body react.

I picked it up the sound alarm was in the passage today we have psychological new demands that the company, either externally or, then that’s being perceived as being rejected or whether or more bosses want to deliver something by the end of the week.

Whether it’s a phobia or a panic attack. Doesn’t really matter what this is. Matter is that emotional arousal matches up, that’s pulling our addictions and urges or emotions, and we’re smitten by love and taking, getting carried away. It makes us galactic people change their mind. Emotion with depression fear emotion. When we try to rationalize that behaviour.

Find the ways to do it. Actually, motion has driven us to madness rational brain can be overwhelming a fraction of a second, by the emotional brain. We can spiral down into why me why this again why this happened to me. We’re asking all these questions.

All it does is like continues to excite them he keeps telling us, tapping into this black and white, meaning that emotional arousal we find the reasons for suffering. You see of course this is happening because this is black and white, thinking, that’s one way of identifying. You’ve been too emotional. You can identify apostrophizing things moving towards fear worse is going to happen to me. The question to ask is How can I calm down. Calm down, calm but emotional response.

As I know not being threatened by a lion coming my way, purely emotional things from a different perspective in my It’s impossible to reason from a black and white. brain is pretty much. we come down. wareness is number one key. Knowing that we’re emotionally.

To know emotionally upset, black and white, feeling threatened. I need to know why. To know that I’m no but emotionally aroused. No, I don’t need to know why I don’t need to know when one.

Calm down the way to do it is to try and understand why the Why am I feeling this way. Did this happen. Why did this person say that. Why did I get so personal and drive me crazy. Someone said to me, trying to understand. In the series about finding the things. This is important.

Can you come to mind. How can you find the balance, breathing rate, meditation, aroma. goes into the emotional brain, and you can elicit timeout can be absorbed into something else might be a visit. might be to help you calm down but emotional allows once, relax. Calm down.

Then we can have some sections, then we can start on the license. Without getting too emotional using a rational brain, somebody else. Thank you. Thank you, General we need to stick to emotions and emotional stories, how we change our reality. In order to calm our brain. We can be reasonably close right now. There’s no line. There’s no dinosaur.

Right. We won’t be on your way to calm down. was coming to shifting from the emotional brain and typing things. The thinking brain. Remember you only jump. Thank you. Modify emotion. While the alarm will be able to fully communicate and summarize, we talked about the thinking brain and the emotional brain, but most importantly about the emotional emotional.

Remembering is one where emotional emotion is powerful. Want to have control over us. The way we react and the way we find ways to calm down, calm us. Because we talk about how we experience the world about external stimulus. We talked about senses. Internal internal memory recall things, whether in my mind I’m pursuing something else right this moment that I’m visualizing can have the same effect, the brain. The type in US doesn’t really matter. We’re emotional making big decisions.

Always responding. When you find an emotional space time between the stimulus response actions. What happened, creating the space will allow our mind, to calm down. space, reasonable to respond with impunity. Going to say things to things don’t even want to say. Guys, you know, we really don’t get me wrong, we don’t have to be all neurotic about it, actually shut ourselves off, not allow us to express ourselves.

Beyond that, we need to be spontaneous at times to be a certain time to put up boundaries. On top of that comes with the training and understanding yourself to be in control. The time to be unemotional by the partner, emotional state.

Sometimes yes staying in the moment in your relationship. Because we’ve had so much emotional arousal containers thing to remember, we can do is we can experience the world with beautiful toxic and destructive emotions, emotional and brain body. Breathing deep breathing

Your reason and your passion are the rudder and the sails of your seafaring soul.

If either your sails or your rudder be broken, you can but toss and drift, or else be held at a standstill in mid-seas.

For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction.
Therefore let your soul exalt your reason to the height of passion, that it may sing;

And let it direct your passion with reason, that your passion may live through its own daily resurrection and like the phoenix rise above its own ashes.

– Kahil Gibran The Prophet

Please share this podcast with anyone you think may benefit.

Until next time, let peace guide your life, love guide your heart and reason guide your thoughts.

Photograph by Tengyar

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