Episode Summary

The growth mindset is a concept that we can fit into many different areas of our lives. Listening to ideas is great but most importantly we need to integrate ideas into our daily life.

On this episode we get to use our knowledge from the last episode with an exercise.

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From the exercise we will get to:

  • Find proof that things in our life have always changed
  • Identify what are 3 things that you want to change
  • Write down 3 small actions that we can do to accomplish the change

You will also find a Bonus affirmation that you can use daily for your personal growth.

By finding references of change, we give birth to the belief that change is possible. Pair belief with Awareness and consistent action you get to experience change. You will feel more in control of your life. From there you can allow your potential to unfold.

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Episode Notes

0:10 Intro
0:32 Last Episode
0:55 In this episode
0:57 Exercise
1:17 Part 1 (3 things that have changed)
1:45 Get convinced change is possible
1:56 Look at others if you can’t
2:05 Part 2
2:32 Things can change
3:52 Building Awareness of when
4:46 There must be a way
4:51 Change to what? Moving to vision and goals
5:26 Act small
6:06 Is the pain I endure worth it?
6:30 Feel the pain, rise up to it and deal with it
6:47 Inevitability of change
7:07 Use faith
7:16 Notice your life change
7:36 James Allen Quote
7:56 Outro


Welcome to another episode from inside traders My name is Phoebus and I love to challenge myself and those around me for the purpose of growth. This podcast is about helping you to heal to change and to grow by listening to this episode, you’re gonna learn about letting go of limiting behaviours and the weights of the past and allowing yourself to move freely in the present. In the last episode, we talked about one main thing, the growth mindset.

To summarize, we talked about in a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. What is the fixed mindset. In short, fixed mindset. People believe that the qualities can be changed. While growth mindset people believe that they can improve.

In this episode I will take you through an exercise now, potentially help you with shifting from the fixed mindset to a growth mindset. You can access this exercise by going to my home website inside treasures calm slash growth mindset dash exercise that will take you to the page and you’ll be able to download our PDF, do the exercise.

But one of the exercises to remember three things that you thought would never change, and actually have changed in your life, your life and replay. When was the time that I felt things wouldn’t change. Somehow I ended up changing that I did something or not.

It doesn’t really matter. Just notice the things that have changed. Maybe it’s where you live. Maybe it’s what you used to do when things have changed to the horse, find places where things have changed. That will convince you that things to change the minefield like don’t change the moment. By looking at life in replay. Check to see attempts to change. You can’t find anything. Think of a person, you know, it used to do X, and now he does Why did he do that change. Part two is about taking a piece of paper and then listing three things that you feel in your life.

You wish would change. You haven’t been able to do so. Hopefully on things that you feel there’s nothing more I can do nothing I can tell this is how it is, there’s three things. You have felt that are unchangeable. You feel that they’re imposed on you that there’s no way you can learn anything about them. basis we want to have a generic belief that is possible to change it might be hard to change.

I can change. This is about building hope might be hard, but it’s not impossible, might be adversity that might be a hardship, doesn’t mean we can change your questions to challenge this post I believe for this to be a problem. And you can go through all the three things that you’ve listed. Pick one thing What am I, I believe for this to still be a problem. Is there a time in my life I didn’t do this sort of time that I started doing this.

When is all my life but was there a specific moment. For example, when I was a bank that we used to do this chicken we’re creating the possibility of what was before, what is currently taking place. We might be something that we’ve been doing for a very long time, and it definitely builds some belief that this is who I am and how things are valuable went to the end of our life to see whether it will cease to exist before any event took place for everything. This thing that’s bothering us started to something that I get from this beam is something that I get from this emotion, is this something I get from this belief. What is it.

Another thing to be aware is one way to this one. When, when is important because it tends to be a trigger this moves us to awareness, we talked about awareness in the previous episodes, understanding when these things are happening.

First of all, no reflection point this happens this time and that time. Secondly, when things are actually happening, also learning to deal with internal dialogue. When we pick up. We’re in the fixed mindset and the stuff that I have been doing this for a very long time. There must be a way must be a way. I need to find out how do you find the answer. When you’re asking your own mind, you’re asking your subconscious mind. Ask for its wisdom.

I think I believe that hope. There must be a way right no no you might do, I might have failed 1000 times. There must be a way. This thing can change, change what only focusing so much in what is before get to see what can be done this is fundamental, sometimes but can be can scares us off a lot. We’re moving to the next step which is action.

When we use action will certainty, and will instil the belief, and the whole talked about in the previous two steps. You have to find what it is that you want to do, even if it feels like you can’t do it at least be able to pinpoint what it is. Like I said earlier, small beginning, you can be bold afterwards. Firstly, my risk. If you have the strength cobalt for me.

Small consistently exchange effort so slightly, a small tiny change so list three things. What might be tiny tiny tiny, we have belief we have awareness we have action is to change certainty. Starting from a point of belief and hoping to build awareness, when we begin to act. We do change the situation to regain our certainty in ourselves.

Think about this. The pain, Angel, more thing has been bothering me to believe we can change. Leave. There’s nothing I can do. Today, perhaps these changes for a while. This pain, pain has been caused by the idea that we have no control, but there’s that there’s nothing we can do. That’s pain, again, because these feelings. Rise up to it, and deal with it, build that hope and have that strength and belief in yourself. Yes, I can know that you can go for Outlook in life, things can change things inevitably change.

Time is constantly ticking, things are constantly evolving and changing that I want to participate with is actively, I can say I turn my back to this. It’s up to you, but I’m asking you today is a bit of your faith, and actually walk this path. By now, and see how far it gets you. And then do it again and again and again, notice your life and grain of sand at a time change.

When you consistently keep doing that your life can be completely different than what it is today. Might take time, it might take effort. Also, a growth mindset is about process. And that process of belief allows you hope you do wonders in your

chain talent book as a man thinketh, he said as he thinks so he’s, he continues to think, so he remains does not remain. But instant change, and has moved forward into a life a lot brighter and more different to what it is today. Please share this with anyone you think may benefit.

Until next time, peace guide your life, love guide your heart and reason guide your thoughts.

Photograph by Wolfgang Hasselmann

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