Understanding your needs can help you better understand your behaviour. Not only what you do but also why you do it.

I often speak about awareness. Awareness is a skill that we can develop to get insight into ourselves and the way that we show up in this world.

Knowing our basic needs can help us to see more clearly.

Join me on this episode where I take you over the 6 Human needs according to Tony Robbins.

Episode Notes

In this episode you will have a different view into our fundamental needs.

We don’t always fulfill our needs in a positive way but we are always looking for ways to fulfill them.

In this episode we will explore different perspective into needs. Notice the similarities into Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and develop a deeper understanding in what makes us tick.

0:08 Intro Story
1:03 Intro
1:21 Perspectives give insights
1:55 Our motive to fulfil our needs
2:15 6 Human needs
2:26 Certainty
2:54 Uncertainty/Variety
3:23 Significance
4:04 Connection and Love
4:49 Growth
5:25 Contribution
6:20 Summary
7:39 How can you benefit from this episode?
9:11 Quote and ending
9:25 Eudaimonia
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A couple of years ago, I went to this free one day course about coaching and hypnosis and self development. At some point we covered the six human needs by Tony Robbins.

At that point when they brought up the slide, I thought, come on, man, I know this stuff. My brain told me Oh, I know that. But then I remind myself, always be a student of life. Always be willing to learn so pretend as if you don’t know anything.

I told myself. Pretend that this is the first time you see it. Keep a beginner’s mind. Stay open, and stay curious. And perhaps you learn something about yourself, which you had no idea before.

Lo and behold, that’s exactly what just happened to me.

It wasn’t that the needs was something new for me, but he actually created more clarity about them. And most of all, he helped me understand which needs I value the highest.

Welcome to another episode from inside treasures.

My name is Phoebus and I love to challenge myself and those around me for the purpose of growth. This podcast is about helping you to heal, to change and to grow.

This particular episode is all about six human needs, according to Tony Robbins. If you haven’t already listened to the previous episode, go ahead and listen to it first, because we’re building on a greater context about the idea of needs and the way that they drive our behaviour.

Repetition of patterns of certain ideas will benefit you for a greater understanding about yourself and other people around you. From today’s episode, you might notice some similarities with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to notice the patterns, but also I want you to notice a different perspective that can lead you to a deeper insight for you because just a different angle of looking at the same thing can help us get a deeper insight into the thing that we’re looking at.

According to Anthony Robbins, we always have a motto for the things that we do, will do what they do in order to fulfil thirst six human needs.

Functional behaviours arise from the inability to consistently meet some of the core needs, or perhaps it’s a wave unhealthy way of meeting fat, meat. According to Anthony Robbins, the six basic core human needs that we have certainty, variety, significance, and connection. Both of contribution certainty is highly correlated with Maslow’s sense of safety.

But need for safety. So certainty is about the need for safety, to feel secure, comfort, to have some control and to have some consistency in that things have to happen. about avoiding pain and finding pleasure.

It’s about avoiding change because it is uncomfortable. It’s about avoiding new situations and making sure that we stay certain and we stay consistent with what we have in front of us. To have uncertainty and variety. Know that if life was always certain then things would be very, very boring and there will be no change. So certainty in variety is focused mainly around change. It’s about dealing with the unknown.

It’s about having varieties and so surprise, a sense of adventure, a sense of challenge to create some sense of excitement, some sense of movement by taking risks and getting into new situations or meeting new people. Next human need. The sense of significance according to Maslow, it’s that sense of esteem that need for esteem is that we matter that we’re unique, we’re important. It’s about getting recognition from other people, paying attention being validated, being seen being heard being accepted.

About to have a meaning ourselves, so we needed wanting desired sense of importance and being worthy of love. So to the previous episode, we want to be very careful here with our need because too much of it can create this sense of superiority to little bit concrete that sense of inferiority.

Before human needs, sense of connection and love is put together quite into Maslow‘s needs. Slav again, about a sense of having clauses of union with someone else or something else outside of us. occasion to feel unified again to feel approved. sense of attachment to feel connected other people with nature with God, or colleagues, it doesn’t matter.

It’s that sense of connection is such a sense of intimacy and connecting with other human beings. Apart we also see loyalty and generosity, vulnerability, deep meaningful relationships, being from relationships with presence, of course that we can truly connect. Love and give love.

If six core human need according to Tony Robbins is growth according to Maslow, again, it was that sense of being self actualized it’s about striving to be better about the need for constant emotional growth, physical growth, spiritual growth, intellectual growth, whatever that growth is.

Way of us changing again, so growth and change that link together. It’s about pushing those boundaries. It’s about moving beyond our comfort zone. It’s about having that growth mindset that allows us to change to adapt.

Six human need is that of contribution slot didn’t have it in the model that I presented you but he later revised the model and he created a section called self transcendence.

That section he was that sense of contribution again, the serving of others, the supporting of others, the giving and contributing to other people to other people’s lives to different causes to bigger ideas.

Northeast with contribution it has to do with us being outside of ourselves it can feed back into our source for sure. Giving beyond something that’s greater than ourselves.

And be God it can be family can be social groups. It can be an ideal, it can be an idea it can be a cause is that I’m contributing and doing something outside of myself for other people. That space of contribution we find purpose and meaning is towards the greater good.

In summary, the six core human needs are certainty, variety, significance, love and connection, growth and contribution. Now that you’ve seen them, can understand a bit more about yourself.

Some are understanding that looking, ask them beyond the behaviours that we attribute to ourselves and actually into what drives us is the motivation factor behind the things that we do over needs.

We feel in a positive way sometimes we meet them in a neutral way and sometimes we meet them in a negative way. And behaviours that are not beneficial still meet our needs, to something to keep track of.

The other thing is like some behaviours actually check the box for multiple needs. You understand your human needs, things that drive you the things that are at the core of your behaviour, can better help and serve yourself. And of course you can understand other people and not as a kind of behave yourself which needs in order for you to be able to help them and assist them to meet their own needs.

Well, this is not our duty, we can still help other people and it’s part of contributing other people to meet their needs. Cover this on a later episode. And this is more of the meaty stuff that I want us to cover about needs. But before we do I’d like us to get the foundation’s right.

This episode to be meaningful to you, I’d like you to do a tiny bit of work. Understand that we each prioritize our needs in a different way.

The priority of those needs will dictate our behaviour, our decisions, depending on which needs we put first, the beginning of the episode I talked about me understanding my priority of needs me growth, love and connection are at the highest once I saw that I had great clarity.

This episode finishes I’d like you to take two minutes you don’t need to take any longer about Greece. Needs to you think are your primary and secondary find your top two, the Stand Your strength which needs drive your decision which needs drive your actions and the way you show up in the world.

So I can note on which one are you neglecting could perhaps be causing you problems in life? Or which one are you miss managing and showing up with cases that are not so beneficial and keep a note of that.

Although you have awareness around your six, human needs, changes, can you create things can you strengthen that you’re better serving even through your core monies, the primary ones and the secondary one about it? Spend a few minutes to realize how these needs affect your life.

Your day to day life, and how you can better benefit yourself. My friend Tony Robbins said only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experienced life’s deepest joy, fulfilment and contribution. Give us a sense of progress and fulfilment.

If sevens have ever them or near as they would say in ancient Greek, that blissful and tanned happiness that we get through the process of growth and through the process of contributing to other people to things that are greater than us. Needs are of importance. But these last two needs are lately coming more and more into front of the stage.

And we’ve seen them two different studies, saying if you want to feel happier about your life, you have to find ways to grow and of course to contribute to other people.

Are we moving from Sophos ways of driving our behaviour into becoming more of leading and serving others for the purpose of serving and unnecessarily for significance? There’s that school of thought that says when you focus on growth and contribution above the previous needs that we mentioned, will get fulfilled.

I’m here to help you heal change and grow into something that resonated with you something you need help with. Give me a shout out podcast at insight treasures.com or reach out to me on Instagram at @insidetreasures.

If you found any of the messages useful and insightful, share them with your friends and loved ones. Allow the messages and wisdom to spread to those around you because you never truly know how they will impact them.

Thank you for tuning in to another episode from inside treasures.

My name is Phoebus and until next time, my friends that peace guide your life let love guide your heart and reason guide your thoughts

Photograph by Helena Lopes

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