Time for reflection

Treat this article as a journey. I invite you to self-reflect. So grab a pen and paper, or create a doc and write away.

As you move through life you will find yourself getting stuck and growing. The polarity of those two states that aid you in your journey to growth.

Limitations: Real or Made up?

In the last 10 days, I have realised how I have been holding back my progress. This was something that I was aware of. But I kept thinking, it is part of the way I work. Part of my process to growth.

But seeing how we contribute to our “success” and “failure” was eye opening. The truth did hurt, but it served me more than anything. Your turn now.

How are you holding back and stopping yourself from being where you want to be?

Is it an action, a belief, an attitude, a story? How can you challenge that and flip it on it’s head? To move on.

Who could help you in your journey to freedom? How will they do that?

Penetrate the world with Presence

Through pain and suffering the aim of the game is to drop your limiting ideas. To be free. Free in the present moment.

You know I like presence and mindfulness. In this age of distraction it is all so easy for us to be absent.

Absent from what is going on around you. Absent from your family when they are all around. Absent from your work because you have to check that next email. Absent from yourself as you get lost in thought.

In this absent tending society I like to say, let us Stop and Be. In this presence we can be free and truly ourselves.

Being present into your day to day activities is crucial. It is the way that you taste life.

In the same way that I stop in my day, I like to a step back and have a look at the bigger picture of my life.

To do that, I ask questions and reflect, I notice, I observe. I want to invite you to do the same. (Follow me through on this one with your pen)


Yesterday, I had an amazing conversation with one of my clients. We had that moment where she saw how she was keeping people away from her. How she was the one creating the barrier. She knew her pain but now she knew how she was creating it.

What are the patterns you notice from pausing in this moment and looking at the year as a whole.

What were your peaks and valleys that lead you to were you are today?

What has been going on in your life?

What have been your personal challenges that you keep suffering from. That you keep getting stuck?

What is sustaining this challenge? How are you contributing to this story?

FEEL this one -> Who will you be without that challenge?*

How are you creating pain in your life?


How can you do things differently this coming year?

What decisions can you make to help yourself?

What Actions do you need to take?

What Attitude do you need to adopt?

How can you commit to that?

Why is it important for you to change?

How would changing this serve you and those around you?


What did this year had to teach you that you want to remember? To you specifically. (If you don’t have any, now is the time to stop and find one.)

How can you apply this learning to the new year?

Pause, Be Grateful and Live with intent

You got to stop on this one and feel it. Gratitude is valuable when you feel it in your hearts, not when you think it. Feel this and answer it with sincerity to yourself.

I am grateful for… because…

In one word what is your intention for the next year?

In the next year, use this as the north star that guides you through the night.

Clean slate

Remember this always – at any given moment you can change. The NOW is the greatest step of all. Learn to ride the waves of life and when you get a wipe out… Get back on your board and ride the next wave.

I want to give you the permission that perhaps you have been looking for.

Begin again.

As always, let peace guide your life, love guide your heart and reason guide your thoughts.


PS. Think of some one you know and gift this page to them. You never know how it could benefit their life.