The reality of your perspective

Perspective is something that affects us all. It is the angle we look at ourselves, the world and the people in it.

This summer, I was on a flight to London and we passed over the Shard. The shard is a massive sky crapper with 12,500 tonnes of steel at 309 meters high. When you are under that thing, it makes you feel small. I mean really small.

From up there in the sky, the Shard looked small. It looked insignificant in the mist of the rest of the buildings it was nothing but a speckle of dust. That reminded me about perspective.

The angle and distance we look at things make us perceive things differently. The light under we look at things matters

As Wayne Dyer said: If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Usually we look at things in one specific way and we create a judgement an absolute scenario about our version of our truth. The problem with that is that it keeps us stuck. What we see is true according to our logic and the way we look at it. In that vision of the truth nothing else exists. It’s our subjective experience.

The thing to remember is that there are other realities apart from our own. How can we become more aware of them?

Coaching helps you shift your perspective. We ask simple questions such as how else can you see this? This questions opens a realm of alternative realities and possibilities. By being open to do that we already weaken our current perspective. Our current reality has a massive whole, it’s nothing but a ghost.

Allow yourself to see things differently, under a new lens, a new angle – be willing to suspend your current truth and you will easily transcend your reality into a new one.

If you read up to here, remember to be more aware of the narratives that you hold about yourself and the world. Know that when you are willing to look at things as slightly different, then you can shift your reality.

Our beliefs and values affect our perspective. Our perspective defines how we show up in this world. How we act act and the kind of results that we get.

Do you fancy changing your perspective? Reach out and contact me if you do.