After the session I’d feel open, inspired and more willing to do what I really wanted to do, or had to do.

I felt inspired, uplifted and motivated after every session: going through the murky waters of the mind and coming out in the end, with a new perspective and a higher point of view, more able to be fully present in the world and in my mind.

Matjas K

Reiki Testimonials

Michelle P

My mind was free of thought. I felt inner peace and a huge sense of calm.

Before the session I was unsure whether Reiki would ‘work’ on me and I was a little Skeptical.  When I arrived for the session Phoebus explained the process and beliefs of Reiki and the types of feelings I may experience.

During the session I felt extremely relaxed and for the first time in a very long time my mind was free of thought. Usually I struggle to switch off but I fell into a deep sense of relaxation.  I felt intense heat over certain parts of my body where I believe a lot of energy was being used.  At the end of the session I felt as though I had woken from a deep sleep. I felt inner peace and a huge sense of calm. The world seemed more tranquil and not so stressful and this has stayed with me.  

The next day my husband even said he had noticed a difference in my stress level.  It was a truly calming and deeply relaxing experience.

Angeliki A

Life seemed relaxed. I felt calmer, more energetic with clear mind euphoria.

I recommend a Reiki session with Phoebus. My mind and body feels very energetic and calm at the same time. It is like a fresh breath of air on my routine, like a pearl I was always looking for.

Jerry J

A feeling of tranquillity that I have rarely (if ever truly) experienced before

My treatment with Phoebus was amazing. He is naturally a calm individual and effortlessly guides you through the treatment in its entirety, ensuring you are comfortable throughout. The treatment itself was extremely relaxing, though the real benefits manifested themselves as an easing of congestion in my nasal area and an intense “quietening” of my busy mind. The latter presented itself as absolute clarity and cool serenity – a feeling of tranquillity or “grounding” that I have rarely (if ever truly) experienced before.

I’m sure everyone’s experience is different, but I highly recommend getting a treatment with Phoebus!

Janet P

I found my pain is much less and I feel very comfortable and relaxed

I am a retired midwife and always had an interest in alternative therapies and had the privilege of helping alongside the therapist with a hypnotherapy birth.

Reiki healing as I understand it can be used to fit the requirements of the individual, in my case I have it to help with chronic nerve pain. I was first introduced to it whilst undergoing radiotherapy it was a 6 week complimentary course to run alongside the radiotherapy. That was 9 years ago and since I have struggled to find a good therapist as the one at the hospital was unable to take me as a private patient.

I then found Phoebus who really meets my individual needs.

Before therapy I felt very uncomfortable due to my chronic nerve pain. I put my faith in Phoebus I become totally relaxed and sometimes fall asleep. After the therapy I found my pain is much less and I feel very comfortable and relaxed. My personal aim is to increase my sessions now I have found a good therapist and therefore become less dependent on conventional pain relief.

From my personal experience I would have no hesitation in recommending Phoebus as a therapist.

Claire A

I felt refreshed and noticeably calmer.

Staying still during the treatment was a great starting point for me as I rarely relax for this long during the day. I found the treatment very calming and relaxing. Afterwards I felt refreshed and noticeably calmer. This effect lasted into the following days. Thank you!


Phoebus has a very obvious energetic presence.

Throughout the session I felt a warm-tingling energy in my entire body. Thank you kindly.

Jon P

My mind became more calm and peaceful. I was more present

Although this was my first time, I went into the reiki session with Phoebus with an open mind. He instantly made me feel calm as he has a great energy about him and was very welcoming.

During the session I felt relaxed and at times could feel warmth in parts of my body. My mind became more calm and peaceful.

Immediately after the session I was more present than I had been in a long time and was happy to sit and enjoy that moment. I went back out into the world feeling wonderfully refreshed. I would highly recommend Phoebus as someone you can trust. 

Carmen N

Feeling much better in general. Feel reassurance, strength, joy, serenity euphoria!!!

Before session felt worried, anxious and was in great pain. During started feeling reassured, serene and trustful. After happy and of course euphoria!! No pain anymore!!