The ultimate way to stop the environment from affecting you

Let’s be honest the environment we live in affect us whether we like it or not. Whether it has to do with the people we are surrounded with, the circumstances in society or the weather. We get affected.

But is this where the story ends?

I am a big advocate of changing your environment if you want to achieve change. Changing your environment can be crucial for many to create the life that they want. Changing our environment creates a series of cascading events that forms an avalanche.

On the other hand, we can learn so much about ourselves and others from our environment. The one we are currently in. The truth is we can’t always change our environment and sometimes the reason that we do it is because we want to flee. We want to run away from ourselves and our problems. Many of us will find that our problems are still here, we carry them with us.

Leaving isn’t always the choice. If we can’t change the environment then what can we do?

Practice daily the skill to be present. When we are present we find peace. The minute we find that inner stillness, the environment no longer affects us. Things will be happening but we feel immune to what is going on.

We feel grounded, we observe the world around us. When we feel well rooted and in peace even the most adverse conditions can feel insignificant to us. That is POWERFUL.

Think of yourself as being in the eye of the cyclone, there are things spinning around, chaos created but within – there is stillness. Be that ever present eye, the observer. You then become untouchable, unshakable. You can improve your live drastically by being present.

This practice of being present is called mindfulness. It’s easy to understand and it take a lifetime to master. It’s worth every second as the return on investment is huge.

Do you need help feeling more present and grounded? Reach out. It’s the only way I can be of service.


Photo from: Kato Blackmore