To a certain degree we all want to be productive. Nobody truly wants things to take forever. No one feels the need to work while being sluggish and lost.

Listen to this episode to figure out how to combat burn out and how to become more productive in your life.

Episode Notes

In the “Always On” culture of grinding and making sure things get done, we lose touch with reality. We lose touch with ourselves and the things that our important.

We run out of juice and become unable to do even the most basic tasks.

Burn out is a real thing and it is affecting you more that you know. Being consistent is a way to move things forward but without the use of breaks we soon start to slow down and become dull.

We have been taught to keep a focus mind in order to be able to achieve things in life. But what if there was something more, something different that could actually give our zest back.

Join me on this episode and get an insight into the ups and downs of productivity.

0:08 Consistency and productivity are great but not the only thing
0:35 Intro
0:47 A story about finding solutions
1:52 Do this to be more productive
1:52 Subconscious mind
3:05 Mind: Expansive vs Focus
3:53 “Always on” culture
4:12 Burn out effect
4:38 Combat burn out by creating intentional space in your day and as part of your life
5:28 Get back your zest
5:44 Polarity (Productivity vs Breaks)
7:18 Cement your growth by taking breaks
7:36 Reflect on your breaks
8:07 In Summary
9:09 Outro


Without a doubt, as far as productivity goes consistency is one of those keys that opens a lot of doors. It’s one of those things where we do it. We’re capable of producing a lot of results, but there is a catch with that, taking breaks.

We often think that the more that we give, the more we’re gonna get back and there’s a huge cultural grinding these days how much you can work hard, work hard, work hard things will happen.

There’s a truth in that. But also there’s the other part of it, taking breaks. Welcome to another episode from inside cc My name is Phoebus and I love to challenge myself and those around me for the purpose of growth. This podcast is about helping you to heal, to change and to grow.

I’ve been a web developer for many many years before venturing into this and the one thing that I constantly met while being a web developer was getting into problems that I couldn’t really solve at the moment.

This fed and built into my frustration and trying harder grinding and grinding trying to resolve what was happening, trying to resolve the problem that I had that I couldn’t see, and solve was a lead into more frustration making me more annoyed at things and myself about not being able to resolve it. I don’t realize with time was that the times that I took cranks and I left things to be totally worked out to my advantage because when I went back to solve that same problem, only took a few minutes.

The time was I persevered and I kept going and I wanted to make sure that this would work out for me. I actually ended up wasting a lot of time. Like I said, dealing with a lot of motions, and the more that I did that, the least able I was to find the solutions.

If you yourself, you want to be more productive in your life, make sure that you take breaks, is an example of trying to resolve a problem and trying to break through something that keeps getting in the way.

One of the main ideas that I have to give on the topic is the power of the subconscious mind. Basically, we find the problem, and our mind always tries to resolve it. A lot of times we try with our conscious mind to attack it to go against it, to make sure that we find the solution, and we think analytically, which is an important part.

We focus and we try and try and try, when we take a step back, we allow our mind to do his job in mind we’ll find solutions, our mind will find the resources we get fresh new perspectives, subconscious mind can work in the background where our conscious mind is working on other things and he can find solutions you can find inspiration, but didn’t need that space it needs that gap in its time, sometimes our subconscious mind as part of our intuition will let us know oh, you know, the move flag something up, and perhaps it can say oh, we’ll take a break, because he has an inherent wisdom comes with how our mind works, but it can help us navigate life throws the mind goes also there’s an idea to understand that mind has different states, it has the focus state and the relaxed state, the relaxed state is more of an expansive state.

While the focus is a laser beam versus a sun so you get that idea that one is expensive. The other one is very, very narrow and focused, and they’re both very useful states of mind to be, what we’ve been taught in our society through school and through the things that we’re doing that need to be spending a lot of time in a focusing time, including our meditations, they have a lot of intensive focus, which can help increase our ability to focus, which is amazing, and also the part of opening up a part of being sunshine a part of expanding.

It’s an amazing quality of the mind is many amazing quality of ourselves, the always on culture that we’re living in, They’re always demanding time on our attention and of course that comes back into our focus, always striving to do more things and to create more things and to be more productive.

Having a burden on us, and it’s creating what we know as the artifact, we all know about the burnout. We also experienced the burnout, we can experience it throughout the day, in many sessions like while we’re working, working, working, all of a sudden we go tired we go stagnant mood changes, we can also experience it throughout time.

Now, the more we push ourselves in the short terms and how we stack up those sore times, again, the consistency of doing that can lead to a long term burnout. What happens is, when we are able to take breaks throughout the day, when we’re able to create breaks, part of our life.

For example in the weekends or the evenings when we take that consistent time of taking breaks, you understand that we release a lot of resources and they allow us to show up the next day or the next time or the next session that we have a focus time productively, Except from finding solutions can see that this creates the space for us to be more ourselves, to create more.

Otherwise, we burn out, having the ability to think, we run out of ideas we go stagnant, we do the same things over and over again, we do the same mistakes over and over again. And then we try to understand, well why don’t I have clarity in my life, why don’t have this, so why don’t I have this ability to be there and produce the things that I want to produce.

Truth is, we’ve run out of gas. Run out of petrol, we don’t have that ability to keep going and going and going forever is yet to grasp is that of duality is that of things working in polarity and when you have one. You also have the opposite so when we have work we need breaks when we have breaks we need work.

That creates movement in energy that creates that flaring and flourishing of ideas, going from breaks, how those breaks usually our mind keeps giving us insights and great ideas about things that we can do insights into how we can resolve things in an easier way again going back to the subconscious mind that space creates the clarity that space makes us more and more and more productive by being more productive we’re saving more time presses just working lethargically inpired trying to resolve things create our space, and then enjoy ourselves, then we enjoy more of the things that we’re doing.

After that shift of energy we can feel more refreshed we can feel more rejuvenated we’ve taken the time to look after ourselves after our needs, we’ve have strengthened ourselves.

Of course when we go back into the work. We want to be doing. You have a fresh look, we have a new perspective about how we look at things, maybe we had some insights is great to write things down on your phone on pieces of papers when ideas pop note and then you can use those insights later.

So as part of I’m working and thinking about it but it’s just like, oh this great insight came from me. Let me write this down, let me get it out of my head, and make sure that I can capture it now that is fresh. Then I will use it when I go back to work.

For me one of the best things that I get from breaks is when I’m been working on something solidly and I’ve been trying to create growth and progress has been great but for me in order to be able to cement that change and growth.

I need to be able to take a break, then kind of consolidate how things have worked out for me what I’ve learned, what have I been missing out because when we’re in action, action, action.

There are a lot of things were missing out a lot of details were missing out. What are the things that are not working, why they’re not working.

It’s giving me a bit of time for reflection time for reflection, while we’re taking a break.

Can you can say well you’re focusing on things you are but in a different way, you’re taking that step back, looking at the trees, and you’re looking at the forest now that, at least for me has been very helpful cementing change and growth.

A lot of what I have been working on summarizing to close off is, you can’t have one without the other.

You can’t have breaks without productivity, you can’t have productivity without the breaks, one feeds into the other, they work together in unison, different sides of the same coin.

So if you want to be more productive. Need to take breaks during the day between calls when we have a tiny bit of space, creating the space to create and reclaim our mind to create that space about ourselves, to understand what is going on in our life in our day to day, at the same time taking breaks in the evenings relaxing tuning off throughout the year, making sure we put on those times that don’t necessarily have to go away and go on holidays, just that those times in the week, the weekends and during the weeks that allow you to recompose yourself, or give you space to think as I give you space to reflect and give you space to challenge and allow you to get those new insights love fresh energy that will help you be rejuvenated.

I’m here to help you heal change and grow. If it’s something that resonated with you. Anything you need help with, give me a shout.

Thank you for tuning in to another episode from inside treasures. My name is Phoebus, and until next time, my friends, but please guide your life let love guide your heart and reason, guide your thoughts.

Photo by Micheile Henderson

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