When we allow ourselves to be open to change we are open to take a new perspective. By letting go of our ego and our fixed ideas we can learn to change the way we look at things.

Episode Notes

Have you ever wondered how you look at things? How these things that you look at actually make you behave in a certain way?

In this episode we will talk about perspective. What it is and how it affects the way that we live.

Perspective is malleable it is a choice, more often than not an unconscious one that drives our life.

Listen to this episode and discover the one question that can help shift things around for you.

0:06 Intro
1:31 Wayne Dyer quote
1:37 Windsurfing
2:43 What is perspective
3:14 We have to change our perspective
3:41 Logic in perspective
4:57 Skewed and adjusting perspectives
5:42 Let go of perspective
6:00 How else could I see this?
6:36 Allow a new reality to take place
7:18 The reason this works
8:16 Anais Quote
9:04 In conclusion, become more aware of the narratives
9:20 Why am I telling you this again?
10:09 As Marcus Aurelius said
10:28 Outro


This summer, I was on the plane, and I was flying back home from Greece to the UK. And as we’re flying, we were right over London. And at some point my caught the shark. The shark is an iconic building in London. It’s a skyscraper. It’s a, it’s a big building, you don’t miss it. But up there from that plane, it looked quite small.

And it reminded me of all the times I’ve been right under fat skyscraper. It feels humongous. It makes me feel really small. It’s 12,500 tons of steel. And it’s basically 309 meters high. That’s about 1000 feet. So when you’re under the shot, it makes it very dominant. And it makes you feel really, really small, being next to something that big.

But then on that day that I was flying back home, I saw the shot from up there, if the shot really didn’t look that dominating, it look very, very small. So it was bigger than the rest of the buildings. But I look very small.

And this, of course, brought into my mind idea of perspective and changing perspective. So this episode is clearly about change. It’s about understanding perspective, and finding out ways to change it and

look at my friends through another episode from inside treasures. My name is Phoebus. And I love to challenge myself and those around me for the purpose of growth. This podcast is about helping you to heal, to change and to grow.

As my friend Wayne Dyer said, If you change the way you look at things, the things that you look at change.

time I go out windsurfing, I start from the beach, and there you can see the umbrella. So you can see the people you can hear the kids talking, screaming, chatting, laughing, there’s things that go on a beach, everything is there.

And then I get on the wind stuff. And I leave it all behind me. And I keep going further out into the sea. And there comes a point to turn around and look at the beach,

I can see the beach, I can see the coastline, I can see the trees, I can see a lot of things.

I can no longer hear the people can no longer see the people.

That is a sign from you. I’m quite far away. And it was fascinating for something that it’s been so close, and we get far away, totally vanishes into the coastline.

And everyone, of course is there. But they’re not part of my reality. They’re not part of there for me. But all these things happening out there. I’m not aware of them. And I cannot perceive them. from the vantage point that I’m

because there’s a lot of distance in the far far away.

To what is perspective, perspective is just how we look at things is when we look at things in a particular way. photography and visual arts, whether that’s animation, drawing, or film, all these things, we have an idea of perspective, perspective has to do with a distance with angle with a space between things like record keepers and different movements and a different perspective.

A slight change in perspective can have a big change in the impact of the picture.

And also through life, I realized that a lot of times I had to change my perspective. Sometimes that would happen naturally out of being empathetic and trying to understand the pain that other people are going through.

A lot of times comes from my own suffering, or when I suffer, realize that there’s some kind of way that I’m looking at things, perhaps I should change it, perhaps I should look at it in a different way. And that helps me move on.

Perspective tends to be logical. It’s true for us. It’s 100%. True, it’s very logical the way that it works because logic and thought are mathematical. Makes sense by following a series of steps.

Whether we all agree on those steps, it’s a different story. But if I say now, we all say that one plus one equals two. And we move into agreement. And we all agree.

Let’s take it a step back, saying that one plus one equals two. But for the sake of argument, I’m going to say like from now on one plus one equals three.

Now I know some of you might say, oh, what are you saying that one plus one is no coffee with one plus one equals three. If you follow the same sequence, and I tell you that one plus one equals three, that’s the only way to get to number three is to add one and one. And you’ll reach the same conclusion.

Because the value of your truth is based on this mathematical steps that one plus one equals three.

A lot of the arguments arise because we all know that one plus one equals two and one person says one plus one equals three.

And this doesn’t make sense.

It makes sense for that person. And it makes sense for us because this is again about us. We move through life, how we see things. We might see things in a skewed way in a skewed perspective. And that’s about more adjusting perspective.

I remember my parents when we were younger. And they used to sort of argue about this and about that. And we’re like, but I believe this. And I believe that and we should do this. And quite often, because I had that idea that because I was there further away from them, I had this third perspective, this spectator Look,

what I realized was that they weren’t both right most of the times, and they were both wrong. Everyone is right to their own accord. Rule one is following a logical sequence. Whether we agree on this things that we’re communicating each other, it’s a different story. Perspective tends to be logical.

But what happens when that is causing us pain is when we need to start changing our perspective, being aware that this is causing them pain, and finding ways to see things in a different way, take a different attitude, and perspective.

Change perspective is to let go of our ego, we have to drop a ball of ideas of how we’re looking at things. Changing perspective is about being willing to create the space to see things a little bit differently than we have been up till now. It’s about posing that question and wondering, how else could I see this?

How else could I see this?

This, of course gets closely linked to meaning. But to adapt and create a new meaning about a certain situation, we have to be willing, first proper ego, to drop our ideas about things and see things just a little bit trending, that is about creating space, creating space within and allowing a new reality, a new possibility to be true for us now, for this moment, I’m willing to let go of whatever I’m seeing in the way that I’m seeing it and see it in a slightly different angle.

That is all we have to know about changing perspective, be willing to see things in a different way, under a new light. You don’t have to keep a perspective, you don’t have a doctorate, but you can learn from it so much. If that new perspective works for you, then you can adopt it and you can start acting on it and then it becomes more real for you.

But again, you just made it up the same way that you made your previous logic up the previous perspective of the reason all this changing perspective and adopting new ideas works is because you’re all perspective collapses. Even if it’s done momentarily, then a new perspective, a new possibility arises within your own mind. And once you’re able to see that new possibility is actually more flexible, it makes you say, Aha, it allows you to break the mold and change without taking a lot of effort.

Because we’re changing the perspective, we’re changing the way that we look at things. Things might have been this way, but they can be different. And then you can see what ways they can be different builds the belief of the possibility that was not there for you before. All of a sudden, now that you’ve been willing to look at things in a different way, talents are reality within your perspective, now you get a glimpse of possibility.

You can choose wisely about the stance that you’re willing to take about the meaning that you want to add to any situation or about yourself.

My friend, Anais Nin said, we don’t see things as they are we see them as we are. And this of course has to do with the idea of we look at things in a certain way. And when we’re willing to change the perspective, it also changes of who we are. When we change who we are the things that we look at change.

Another powerful element that will not apply in relationships as well is the key to empathy. Empathy is being able to take to move out of our shoes and get into somebody else’s shoes.

That can help us in relationship because we can be more empathetic and more compassionate and upon what other people are going through. And it doesn’t take much effort. All it takes is a willingness, local, the ego, think for a few moments, how are they looking at?

conclusion we can have big shifts by changing our perspective about things.

You allow yourself to see things differently under a new lens under a new angle. We’re willing to suspend our control. And we can change our perspective.

Am I telling you this because when we become more aware of the perspectives that we adopt of the narratives that we tell ourselves, about ourselves, and about the world, we realize that that is our perspective, that is the way we see things.

Knowing that even if we change them ever so slightly, we can shift eye reality immensely. You can have a different impact. And having that in our minds to always, always be willing to challenge our perspective.

It’s about taking that step back and trying to look at things more from a third person perspective, or second person perspective. How would x see me going about pleasing other people it’s about challenging the way that we see things

Sending shifting things just a little bit so we can have a look a different angle. As my friend Microsoft said, Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective and not the truth.

And affects hugely how we see the world and how we act on it. As a result, by changing perspectives, we get a more complete of the truth, but not necessarily the whole truth. I’m here to help you heal, to change and to grow.

If you feel stuck in your perspective, or if there’s something that resonated with you something that you need help with. Give me a shout at podcast at insight treasures, profits, calm,

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Until next time, my friends, let peace guide your life. Love guide your heart reason guide your thoughts

Photograph by Nadine Shaabana

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