Life will never be the same again in the whole eternity. Take the opportunity to be present and savour every moment that comes your way.

Episode Notes

Over the holidays I had the opportunity to spend time with my family. In one of those moments a thought came to my mind that changes how I look at life.

Join me in this episode to find out why being present in life is important for you.

0:07 Intro
1:20 Life will never be the same again
2:00 The eternal now
2:23 What happens when we are present
2:59 Focus
3:53 Take hold of your focus
4:07 Process of thought and fleeting mind
4:32 The mind is like water
4:46 Mindfulness
5:18 How can I be present?
6:03 Vanishing reality
6:53 Taking time for gratitude
7:11 What are your highlights?
8:09 But avoid the present?
9:04 Cultivate the will to be present, it’s a skill
9:49 Guard your focus and attention
10:03 Outro


They can really want to spend time with my family and be there, and connect with everyone. We had over the holidays, hours, relaxing with my family and I decided, you know what, I’m not going to be doing anything or really want to be present as much as I can.

I really want to spend time with my family and be there and connect with everyone. We had a great time.

And one of those great times that we had, I was holding myself there. We had dinner we had finished my one child was playing and the other one was there across from me with my wife.

And they just had this special moment and they were looking at each other and my little one was being playful with her mom and she was just playing around and laughing and giggling and dancing around and your eyes were beaming both of their eyes were being.

Actually and it was just such a wonderful experience seeing them both being present, and really engaged with each other and playing with each other and laughing and giggling such a special moment.

At that moment I felt really connected with myself. I felt really present, and then it occurred to me. Welcome my friends to another episode from inside treasures My name is Phoebus and I like to challenge myself, and those around me for the purpose of growth podcast is about helping you to heal to change and to grow.

And this episode is mainly about mindfulness gratitude and being present. So what was that thing that occurred to me was the idea that in the Holy Trinity life happened to be as it is right now. It won’t be the same for me. And it won’t be the same for everybody else.

So while I was there present, enjoying that moment, taking it all in realizing that my daughter will never be that age, again, that is such a special moment where we are right now with her, and my son, and how they change through time and how they were smaller and growing up and how they’ve been changing, and it happens like with kids is crazy to see the passing of time, or about the now everything is transient, everything is fleeting and enjoying the now, because this sort of live, and the now will pass and all those great moments that they’re there, we miss them.

And all those great moments that we could be there but we’re not might be there physically, but in our mind was somewhere else. We’re losing out on all this. When we were present things become different.

We hear more clearly we see things more clearly we’re more present or more connected with ourselves, or more connected with the people around us. And that is very important. If we want to live life and live life to the fullest. If you want to be there and be present.

If you want to be there for the people that we say we want to be there, we better be there, we can be in life being distracted being here being there you know we’re on dinner table and then we’re checking up on you sometimes it will happen but overall, what are we doing, are we, you know, on a dinner table thinking about work or are we doing this and are we doing that we there’s always something that will take hold of our focus, unless we take hold of our own focus, you have this tendency to be somewhere else to do something else.

The thing to realize is, all of that is taken away from us savoring the present moments, being there, seeing things for what they are listening to people connecting with each other. All these things are very, very important to our well being and to our progress in those days that we’re really really tired and we just can’t be there we can’t focus, and we just dread the time we’ve got up and all the thing that we want is to go back to bed.

But the days that were refreshed and we’re feeling fair, and we’re feeling more present to life tastes a lot sweeter. And this whole has to do with how we feel and how we relate to the world.

He has nothing else to do about what is going on around the world.

Learning to take hold of our focus is very important, because our attention will fleet and go into different places, our mind, the way it works. Most of the time for most of us humans, is that he will go places.

And you know that once you start practicing a little bit of mindfulness meditation being present, you start to see your thoughts. You start in one place, you have a whole conversation you pass through other like three places and you end up somewhere completely remotely, far, far away from where you started.

And then you start going on in your mind of how did this happen and where did I start on where am I going. So you see the mind, like water, it will just go places. When we can build that container can contain the water when we can build that focus, can be present. And that’s where we get back into mindfulness.

One life, when we go around. Life is costing us left and right and our minds fleeting left and right, it’s are definitely the time for us to ground ourselves.

And really it all back in. We’re running away scared in our minds or when we’re too busy or we torture stressed. It’s time to read it all back and we have to get into the habit, the sake of all of us to just tone it all down, take a step back. We talk about grounding we’ve talked about mindfulness, but in simple reality it’s all about being present.

How can I be present right here right now. When my mind is racing and he wants to flit into 1000 things.

How can I be here right now. The simplest way. Focusing back on our breathing, focusing on the things that we hear, focusing on the things that we feel really goes back to our five senses.

When we bring it back into our five senses, literally be the noticing shift or focus. When we shift our focus into the present moment, we start to become more connected with our environment and ourselves. And when we do that, everything else that has been going around.

Just vanishes. Doesn’t really vanish and doesn’t go away. And the answer is no, but the minute we stop looking at things within our own reality. Those things cease to exist. Even if so it happens momentarily.

The problems won’t go away if there’s something that we need to do and we need to act on it, then we need to act on and move into the solution. When our mind moves away from that we actually start to find more pieces, the more connected we are with ourselves, the more connected with our with our environment, the more observant we are with what is going on around us, guess what, more likely to find the solution, and to move towards that and then to act upon that also taking the time for gratitude. It’s another way of changing our focus. How can I count my blessings.

How can I count my blessings I know that actually I’m in a good place. My mind is telling me all these things are awful these things are wrong but one of the good things in my life that I’m grateful for another last thing is taking stock for things that are happening, one of your highlights of the day. One of the highlights of your week.

One of the highlights of your month, and that you can do within your mind. By usually a pen and paper really helps. And that’s why a lot of people started journaling the right things. Sometimes it’s about writing our thoughts, also we can create a section outlining what am i grateful for today, what am I grateful for this week, what was it high moment for me. What were some of the great achievements that I had this week. In general, it’s about highlighting the great moments that they happen. And then you can also reflect as well you can reflect on what are some things that have been going wrong that I can actually work with.

I can act on this useful to, again, it’s about taking the focus but right now we’re just focusing on the highlights of our life. And even with the lowest level you can take those things, it’s about acknowledging them, it’s about seeing them that distance it’s about seeing them and being present. Now you might say, am I not fleeting and going back into what happened. Am I not avoiding the present.

This is not avoiding the president, this is about reviewing what has been going on in your life in the present. It’s not about getting lost in what we did before and what we’re going to do. It’s about being present right now and taking stock, and realizing that there are a lot of good things happening in our lives.

And the things that are not going our way. The way that we want them, the kinds of things that we can do. When you connect all that it’s about being more present. It’s about enjoying life, it’s about directing your life it’s about having more focus and attention in the things that you want.

But most of all, it’s about you being connected with yourself, you being present with where you are, you know, when you go into a park or when you walk into the store, to be able to see everything that was going on around you. It’s about observation it’s about awareness.

It’s about presence. We cultivate the will to be present. We cultivate as a skill. We learn to be connected more with ourselves and the world. And then when the world is happening around us. We won’t be asleep.

Actually we present, and we’ll be able to soak in all the good moments because already. We’re coming from a place of feeling connected or coming from a place from being present.
And that in itself, or self awareness, or self connection for groundedness, so ready a positive space to be in.

Then it’s just about allowing all those things that are coming from outside, and bringing them in absorbing them soaking them, enjoying them, because there’s so much enjoy all the way around us.

Most of all, caught your focus and attention. Don’t allow that attention to be taken into places you don’t want to be going. Don’t allow other people to steal that away from you.

Don’t allow your own mind to take you places, you don’t want to be at. I’m here to help you heal change and grow. if there’s something that resonated with you something that you feel you need help with, like, give me a shout out podcast at inside treasures, calm.

Thank you everybody for tuning in and listening to another episode from inside treasures.

Until next time, my friends, let peace guide your life, love guide your heart and reason your thoughts.

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