Our needs play a major role into our well being. Understanding them can give you awareness in the way that we show up in the world.

Our awareness of our needs can shed light into our unfulfilled needs.

Join me in this episode to understand what is beneath the way you function. In this episode we will be covering Maslow’s model of needs.

Episode Notes

In the next few episodes we will be going over a few different models of primary Needs.

These episodes will guide you through your own needs and help you to pinpoint which one of these needs are important for you.

In this episode we will focus on Abraham Malslow’s model, called the Hierarchy of Needs. A triangle representing different variations of needs that lead us to the need to self-actualise.

0:08 The first time I saw Abraham Maslow’s pyramid of needs
0:48 Intro
1:00 Welcome to Season 3
2:05 Why are needs important?
3:07 Context into Maslow and the Humanistic Approach
3:52 What does it mean to be self-actualised?
5:14 A high level view of Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs
6:20 The Physiological needs
7:04 The need for Safety
8:38 The need for Love
9:58 The need for Esteem
11:06 Need to Self-actualize
12:18 Summary
14:22 Maslow’s Quote: What a man can be, he must be.
14:30 Apply this episode to your life
14:53 Outro


Years ago I was sitting into a lecture at university and we had our teacher she was doing the lecture, and she put up this big slide of the hierarchy of needs. If you ever seen it, it’s a big triangle it’s a pyramid.

And he has different layers in which you can see the different needs of people, according to Maslow’s model.

I remember sitting down and looking at that picture and actually it resonated with me deeply. We just have different levels of needs. I’ll be kind of strive to fulfil. It just made so much sense about life, about where I was, and about what was going on around my life and my needs.

Welcome my friends to another episode from inside trestles, my name is Phoebus, and I love to challenge myself and those around me, for the purpose of growth. This podcast is about helping you to heal, to train them to grow.

Welcome to season three, this season will be more like a short course into certain things that helped me build a good foundation into understanding myself and those around me.

The episodes are about the follow they’re more like a short course, it’s about things that you can learn to do and apply in your life. And this episode will talk about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, needs is something that is foundational to our well being is something that we will follow in the next few episodes.

In order to see different perspectives into needs also width needs we need to pay attention more to its foundation in need, is a requirement, it’s a necessity, it’s a half to not a perceived one, an actual one.

It’s not our need to buy this pair of shoes. Actually something more fundamental something more deep into who you are and into the way that we function. Following our needs and fulfilling our needs is a way to make sure that we’re happy, we’re fulfilled, and we’re living the life that we want to be living. Why talk about needs.

What’s so important about needs. The next few episodes I will talk about different models focus on needs. The reason is for us to be able to understand different perspectives around how needs work for us, and the ways that we can fulfil them and why they’re important.

Because reason needs are important is because they affect our sense of well being perfect our growth as human beings. This is more of a process. Part of it is creating an awareness around our needs, understanding our needs, different similarities between the models, finding truly for our own personal needs.

What are the ones that really resonate for us at the moment, what are the ones that really important for us. And what ways can we find to fulfil them.

We’ll cover in later episodes. The biggest thing to take away from this is to increase our awareness of them take responsibility for fulfilling, give you a little bit of context behind us law, and his approach so Maslow was part of the humanistic approach movement in psychology and he was there along with Carl Rogers, the humanistic approach, wanted to understand human nature, and they believe there was more to this than pure behaviours and compulsions happen in people.

So they started to dwell a little bit deeper into human being, as a whole. That’s a struggle they have was the part growth, and fulfilment, being a model, so Maslow, and Carl Rogers, human beings, as buying to fulfil the need to grow and fulfil themselves, and that motivated them.

What’s something called self actualization. We do all into Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and path to self actualization, I’d like to explain what does it mean to be self actualized self actualized is a process of growing and developing as a person. In order to achieve an individual potential.

Potential is about the realization and fulfilment of one’s talents and potential that they have, in order for them to grow muscle area Rogers and Maslow.

They both believe that self actualization, was the driving force into human behaviour, something that motivated people to move forward and grow, and it’s a need and necessity for us.

In order to be fully realized realization means about someone’s owns creative intellectual and social social potential to an internal drive to some external reward so it’s more about us as a process.

It’s more about us growing as people rather than than the kind of success and status and power we might achieve from the outside and come as a result of us being self actualized but they’re not necessary for us to feel actualized.

The thing that I want you to keep in mind is that it is more of a process, rather than been a destination or we arrived.

It’s a way of living. It’s, I would say correlated to the growth mindset. I mentioned earlier Maslow put a pyramid, he created a triangle and at the top, he put self actualization up behind that beneath and he put different needs, but he felt were necessary for us to be able to reach that state for us to be able to live.

Self actualized go over those needs right there beneath self actualization starting at the bottom and moving upwards towards the top of the pyramid. At the bottom we have physiological needs, and it’s followed by needs for safety is followed by love, it’s followed by a steam.

Finally, for self actualization. We’ll have a top level view, we can drill into is one of those needs. Explain them, perhaps understand them a bit more. That’s why you’re listening to this episode, keep note of the things that kind of resonated keep that mental note and say,

Actually yeah, this makes a lot of sense for me. Things are resonate with you, the things that stick with you. I think the pay special attention to. And as we move through the different models, you’ll be able to see that the certain needs are ranked higher for you from other needs.

Physiological Needs

According to Maslow at the base of the pyramid we had the physiological needs, isn’t in order for us to be able to move to the next levels, we have to be able to fulfil our physiological needs ethological needs such as the necessity to survive, air that we breathe.

The food that we eat, water that we drink the shelter that we have the warmth, we get adequate sleep, human put reproduction in colours, it tells us that our basic needs are very important.

If we’re not able to live as an organism, there’s no way that we can progress and move towards being self actualized because we have a bigger fish to fry. It means that we are having to deal with a day to day survival of ourselves.

The need for Safety

Being able to expand and grow beyond that next level we have safety sense of safety of the need of safety and security and whether that is a physical security, health, or it’s a financial security is wellness, well being, our internal well being, or whether that is that we are prospering and growing.

The things that can make us feel healthy. The things that can make us feel physically, psychologically, life, that sense of safety is being threatened, of course, our well being suffers when we have to think about whether we’re surviving and whether we are safe.

It’s very hard to prosper. And we can see that coming up in different ways, when we’re feeling safe in our environment when we’re feeling safe within our home, outside of our home, much more relaxed when thought is threatened, we’re more likely to drive him into fight or flight mode to feel a sense of safety, missing.

Of course when that sense of safety is missing our well being suffers our physical health can suffer as a result, finances are at stake.

Can we can suffer, because that spreads to ourselves and those around us. That’s where you get when you have like illnesses going around, eg COVID, or if you’re in an office environment there’s bullying going around where you live in a dangerous part of the world, then of course that sense of safety has been taken away. We don’t have that sense of safety.

The need for Love

And it’s very hard for us to move on towards being self actualized next level we’ll have the need of love feeling to be liked, love other people to feel loved, to be accepted by others to accept others to accept ourselves, is where friendship family intimacy social groups social gatherings, a sense of connection comes in.

It’s about us not feeling lonely, depressed and anxious feeling love by other people, it’s a lot harder to get into a state more freedom, more connected with ourselves and those around us.

Feeling the need of love and of loving others, that place more is possible. As you can see we can flourish more we can keep, We’ve gone over the physiological and the safety, we’re moving into load removing wanting to emotion we’re moving more into belonging connection.

Love is being threatened. When we feel perhaps abandoned or lonely or ourselves and we don’t feel connected with other people that can lead us into of course loneliness, it can lead to depression, it can live like anxiety.

It can feel into a sense that we’re disconnected from the world we live in a silo.

And it’s very hard for us to flourish as people because love is a key ingredient for our well being.

The need for Esteem

Maslow put esteem, famous part of recognition as power respect, admiration, appreciation, significance, contribution, start feeling of being self confident and respected by others, is part of the pyramid because it talks about esteem myself though it’s not always so much about how other people perceive us and how other people think of us recognize and respect us, and admirers.

Might be a vital part, it might be a bonus but before that what I see is that self concept, But, how do I see myself, joyful self confidence Highsmith’s how famous highs my self worth, am I feeling inferior, am I feeling superior, is the way in which I see myself.

I respect myself too I trust myself. Why encourage myself for the good things that I’ve done, see myself as contributing to other people, that’s contributing work at a society in family. These are ways of connecting with other people, again, it’s built on top of love, safety, and physiological needs.

Lastly, as part of the pyramid is the self actualization at the top of the pyramid we have, we explained earlier, when an individual engages in self development and personal growth.

Can Maslow the peak performance in that state. The other ones who use the talents and grow their talents and capabilities and potentials and meet them. I said earlier, the way that I see self actualization is not necessarily through outside thoughts that can be assigned to internal work, but it’s more about pursuit the growth way of growing as a human being by way of seeing ourselves and knowing that I can honestly do more.

Come, more, of course comes as part of growth has changed. According to Maslow against self actualized people are self aware,

are concerned more with personal growth, they’re less concerned about the opinion of others, and they’re interested in fulfilling their own potential, themselves, and for those around them.

Again, building on love on self esteem as a way of contributing of giving you see the different needs that kind of feed in and blend into each other. Summary, here’s what I would like you to take from this episode. The standard we have different basic needs.

Some basic needs that we need to fulfil that we need to cater for, and we need to understand, only for the fact of understanding them, but actually for going deeper into understanding in what ways can we fulfil them ourselves, and bring that self actualization is a basic motif for us, it’s a way that we progress through life, our basic needs grow and fulfil our potential.

This year that we’re not talking about success and achievement, but we’re talking about the expression of that potential, we’re talking about that growth that happens through that expression.

Through that, cultivating of potential moment I’m going to go over the needs again, but I’d like you to notice and see which of these needs, you really need for yourself which of those needs, do you need to strengthen in your life. How do they order.

What ways can you equip yourself more in order to progress towards self actualization in what needs can you cater to need some support that are important to you.

They can help you to grow, reach more towards self actualization. Feel free to go on a search engine and find that pyramid of hierarchy of needs so you can actually see it. Understanding a bit more visual way.

Remember that at the base, we have two logical needs that we need to cater and attend to. We have a sense of safety, follows love follows esteem knotless reaching towards self actualization, those needs. Important.

According to Maslow by catering towards the lower part of the needs, we can actually build on that pyramid as a stepping ladder that can help us be the people we want to be and do the things that we want to do, and of course it’s part of reaching towards our potential reaching towards expressing ourselves in the way that we are in the way that we want to be in this world.

As my friend, Abraham Maslow said, what a man can be he must be his need. We may call self actualization. As with everything except things that resonated with you notice the thing that really stood out for you from your needs. Just keep a note.

Till the next episode where we cover a different model of needs, and then you’ll see through the next few episodes, you’re going to have a very clear understanding about which needs are truly important for you.

It will help you grow and reach your potential, so you can live a more self actualized life. I’m here to help you heal change and grow.

If there’s something that resonated with you something that you need help with give me shout, or reach out to me on Instagram at the @insidetreasures.

Thank you for tuning in to another episode from inside treasures.

My name is Phoebus, and until next time, my friends, like peace guide your life, love guide your heart and reason guide your thoughts.

Photograph by Photo by Nghia Le

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