Group Coaching for Indie Hackers, Creators and Makers

A 6 week 90 minute group coaching designed for creators and makers to get clear on your mission and to overcome the obstacles that get in your way.

Most people think that the success of their project is irrelevant to the creator. The truth is what we create is a direct reflection of who we are being.

These calls are for you, if you are...

  • afraid of failure, success and rejection
  • finding it hard to share your ideas
  • feeling lonely, lost, confused
  • suffering from shiny object syndrome
  • experiencing imposter syndrome - feeling incompetent and inferior
  • lacking of confidence
  • working on too many projects
  • feeling like a victim
  • doing everything yourself
  • having low energy, burning out and stressed
  • feeling a lack of progress
  • finding it hard to concentrate
  • letting life get in the way of your dreams - too busy to do what you want
  • being inconsistent
  • finding it hard to decide

And instead you want to...

  • Get clarity on your indie hacking path, set some clear goals
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Be higlhy productive
  • Build more trust in yourself
  • Feel more empowered
  • Build better habits or you want to improve them
  • Express your frustrations along your journey
  • Learn to be more accountable
  • Prioritise better, set the right priorities and live by them
  • Live more in alignment with who you are and your values
  • Create growth and change in your life
  • Improve your focus and concentration
  • Get more consistent and build momentum
  • Build connection your yourself and those around you (team members, family)

What this isn't?

  • This isn't an advisory board that I will get to solve your business problems for you. I am not a business coach, I work with your mindset not your business.
  • I am not a mentor or advisor, although at times I might step into that.
  • Spoon feeding, in coaching you come up with your own answers. That's the beauty.
  • This isn't therapy, although healing can take place as part of the process

How will the session run?

  • Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Dates: September 29th, October 6th, October 13th, October 20th, October 27th, November 3rd
  • Time: 11am BST

This is a group coaching call, which means that we meet as a group. Only one person will be coached at a time. When we go through the process you get the chance to answer to the questions to yourself. In that way we are all learning from one another.


For the 6 group coaching sessions £ 125 or $150 (US)

  • Dates: September 29th, October 6th, October 13th, October 20th, October 27th, November 3rd
  • Time: 11am BST

Calls are 90 minutes long.

I will be coaching one of you at a time. Not everyone will get the chance to be coached in every session. My aim is for everyone of you to be coached through our time together.

You will learn when others get coached. As I coach others, I am also coaching you. The point is for you to answer the questions. You also learn from the experience of others

It gives me the chance to give back to the community. To support like minded people that I know can benefit from my skills.

Audio only recordings to protect the identity of the participants but still allow me to share our work together.

There might be. Send me an email and let me know of your preferred time / timezone as there might be new groups created.


About Phoebus

My life started turning around after failing and dropping out of university in 2003. That brought a big shift in my emotions. It became clear that I had a lot of false beliefs and skewed ideas about myself and the world. (I still do at times)

I have spent most of my life with computers. Understanding how they work, how they break. I was a web developer for 20+ years and have build a few things in my time.

As part of my personal journey I got through healing, changing and growing. Since my failure at the university I had the desire to help others along their journey in life. So I studied a lot. I studied myself and different therapeutic modalities: Hypnosis, Reiki and Coaching.

I have the natural gift to be an attentive and active listener in silence. By entering into internal silence we create a safe environment for exploration. I allow you to express yourself and to find what is actually going on.

Coaching helps you to discover yourself more as you have to be the one who comes up with your own answers.

The group coaching is closed at the moment.

In the meantime, if you are in need any support along the way and you would like to talk about it one to one. Please contact me or book a call with me to discuss.