Empowering beliefs are beliefs we hold about ourselves, others and the world that are enabling us to act in a productive way.

We all have them, sometimes we are in a stage in our lives that they are dormant. Other times they exist in an area of our life but not in another.

Creating and strengthening empowering beliefs will make a huge difference in your life and the things you want to create.

Join me in this episode to understand which empowering beliefs you have and how you can create new ones.

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Episode Notes

Rational beliefs are the type of beliefs that enable us to operate in an empowered way. We all have them.

Would you like to find out:

  • How you can identify them?
  • How to reawaken them?
  • How you can strengthen them?
  • How to apply them in a different area of your life?

Then this episode is definitely for you.

  • 0:07 How empowering beliefs help me in life
  • 2:27 Intro
  • 2:57 Recap
  • 4:20 Empowering beliefs exist within you
  • 5:12 Your beliefs might be dormant
  • 7:43 Examples of empowering beliefs
  • 8:23 Creating empowering beliefs
  • 12:54 Rational Beliefs brings good results
  • 13:02 Conclusion
  • 16:40 Outro


00:07 When I was younger, I used to get into computer programming and I was trying to learn how to create code and create
things that worked on a computer. And it was amazing and fascinating, but like at the beginning was very difficult.
Difficult because it’s all about figuring out how things work, how the syntax, it’s like writing. So the way that you
write, how do you put things together, how do you create sentences, how do you create paragraphs? These similar
things exist in coding and basically you’re solving problems.

00:32 We are solving different problems and it’s about trying to figure out what the solution to the problem is. And there
are many paths and many ways to solve a problem. How is this relevant to your beliefs? Because as I became better and
better and better, I realized within that no matter what problem I had to solve, no matter what the problem was in
front of me, I was able to figure it out.

00:56 So I started cultivating this empowering belief without me being aware of it, that I can figure it out. I didn’t know
how at the time, I wasn’t aware of how it was going to happen, what the steps were, but I knew that it was solvable.
I could go through it, I could go around it.

01:14 Somehow it would work out. Part of these elements were the fact that I was curious into understanding the problem, I
was curious into solving the problem. That perseverance of trying again and again, trying something different, try a
different angle and making it work.

01:28 But most of all it was the belief that I can I am capable of figuring this out and I can figure that out and make it
work. On my journey, I realized that this was a really powerful belief. This was a really powerful belief for me to
adopt in my life in general, not in this specific section and area of my life.

01:30 I actually take it and adopt it and empowering it and see how I could apply it, how I could put it in use. In
everything that I can do, I can figure it out. This is a very clear example of an empowering belief, a belief that
pushes us forward, a belief that trusts ourselves, trust the process, trusts other people and creates this openness
for us to be able to show up and do the things that we want to be doing.

02:11 Also figuring out I can deal with this problem that I’m having. This builds a lot of resilience, a lot of self
reliance. To be able to adapt no matter what is going on, to be able to bounce back no matter what happened.

02:27 Welcome everybody to another episode from Inside Treasures. My name is Hebrews and I love to challenge myself and
those around me for the purpose of growth. This podcast is about helping you to heal, to change and grow.

02:35 This particular episode is all about empowering beliefs understanding what empowering beliefs are, how we can use
them, how we can understand them, how we can uncover them and how we can keep building more and empowering those
empowering beliefs so we can achieve and do more of the things that we want to achieve in our lives. In the previous
episode we talked about beliefs in general and we said that beliefs are made up, it’s a thing that we consider to be
true and it’s right for us, it feels real within us and it is partially based on facts and references that our brain
has built. We talked about the confirmation bias that creates a limited view of reality and basically filters out the
things that don’t match our beliefs and that leaves us with what we want to be believing and what we are actually

03:24 The funny thing is once we start changing beliefs and sifting beliefs a lot of those realities that not exist within
our conscious awareness all of a sudden we start to build those references and we’re like actually yeah, when I was
younger I did this and I did that and this actually supports this belief. Just something for you to think about. Our
beliefs are saved by ourselves, by those around us, by our careers and of course our experiences but most of all it
is us creating the meaning behind the thing that is happening and our brain flags it up and creates little tags that
says this is this and this is that and this means this.

03:57 Beliefs are powerful because usually believes they have emotion. They have a lot of energy. Emotion has energy, which
makes us act in a certain way.

04:05 It makes us see the world in a certain way. And of course, yeah, it shapes the way we see ourselves in the world. We
see other people in this world.

04:08 And of course, that affects the way that we behaving, the way that we show up in the world on a DayToday basis. I
believe that all of us have empowering beliefs within us, even when the world can seem quite dim and we’re really
low. Actually, those empowering beliefs exist, and it’s just that sometimes we’re being triggered too much.

04:33 Sometimes we’ve been in too much of an emotional space, so it’s really hard for us to tap into it. But I think most
of the time, on a day to day for an average person, those empowering views exist and they take place and they work in
the background while we go about our day. Once again, whether we realize it or not, they’re beneath the surface.

04:52 They’re dictating the way that we approach things, we approach life the way they behave. They form parts of our
mindset. Our attitude in life, our attitude towards what we do, what we want to create, and the different changes
that we’re trying to make in our lives and in the lives of others.

05:07 So we said in the previous episode there are ways that we can become more aware of them. Also be aware that the fact
that we have an empowering belief in a certain area of our lives, there might be something, an activating event that
can completely knock us out and take us to the other swing. So from I can handle it, I can figure it out, I’m worth

05:24 We can go all the way to the other side and say actually I’m worth this. It doesn’t mean anything. I can’t make this

05:30 These things do happen and we do play within us that different polarity depending on the environment that we’re in.
But when we cultivate those empowering beliefs we can start moving them and shifting them towards those areas of our
lives and those places and those contexts that usually we feel less empowered. And that way we begin to bring that
power within us so we can actually do what we want to do.

05:53 A clear example of that can be when failure strikes. So the attitude towards that might be to start judging myself or
started judging the situation or starting blaming other people. That is a very common phenomenon that plays out in

06:05 But when I’m coming from that place that I want to make this work because this is really important to me, I start
telling myself I’m believing that I will improve, that I will get better, that I can succeed with what I’m building.
As long as I keep going, I will get there. And that belief helps me keep going back and having another go again

06:19 And that creates the impact of me trying over and over and over again despite the adversity. You see how that belief
and what I’m telling myself is pushing me forwards rather than keeping me stuck or pushing me backwards or me running
away and avoiding things. That is what I’m empowering.

06:40 Belief is something that supports you, something that holds you, something that keeps you going. Another example is
that of resilience. Whenever I dealt with tough situations in my life and you can say I was sad, you could say I was

06:51 But basically I was just feeling disempowered and unworthy and everything that comes under the sun for that it felt
like it was in a dark place. I’m at the bottom of the barrel and you’ve heard that before, but when you’re at the
bottom you’re actually touching the floor. Then from there you can just spring up.

07:05 And it was about me being able to see that this is only temporary and there is hope and this will change. And most of
things in life they change. And I will get through this.

07:14 There is light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel might be long, it might be really long for some of you, but there
is light at the end. And the more I kept focusing on the light, the more I was being pulled out of where I was into a
more brighter future than where I’d been before.

07:28 So it was that underlying belief that I will get through this and these two shall pass, and this too shall change,
and I will be able to manage and cope through this. This, of course, kept me pushing forward, kept me craving for
change. I’m going to share with you a list of different examples of different empowering beliefs that I think they’re
gonna start lighting up for you.

07:28 So whatever lights up, just keep a note of it. I love myself. I’m good or I’m good enough.

07:30 I put myself first. There’s no failure, only feedback. The past does not equal my future.

07:43 I’m in charge all my life. Tomorrow is another day. There’s a lot of opportunity out there.

07:48 I don’t need the approval of others. My intentions have an effect on my reality. People are catalysts and adbires to
my success.

08:18 Hard work and perseverance are awarded. I already have all that I need. How do we create empowering beliefs? How can
we start cultivating those empowering beliefs that we have? Part of it is being able to uncover them and see when
they play out, how they play out.

08:34 What do they say to us? What is it that our thoughts? How do they manifest? How do they get creative? What is it the
thing that we’re telling ourselves? What is it the thing that we’re believing about ourselves and about the
situation? So think of a situation that you feel empowered and capable. Bring that for a moment into your mind. Think
of that thing that you can really do well, that you know you’re feeling capable, you know, you feel empowered.

09:01 You know, you can go in there and now think with yourself, like, what am I believing about myself in order for me to
have this attitude? What are the kinds of things that I’m telling myself about myself? And then second, what must you
be believing about the situation? How do you approach it in such a way, in such a positive mindset? So there are
different ways of creating empowering beliefs. And part of it is, like I said, uncovering the ones that we have,
using them in different contexts, bringing them in, but also that we can start from the belief, or even better,
sometimes we can start from the action we want to be taking. And that way it becomes a little bit more concrete.

09:29 So what are some actions that you can take based on the belief? You create a belief and you say, I want to believe
this about myself. Okay. Remember, a lot of it with belief is the conviction.

10:03 That conviction exists. Now, if you start believing something that is not fully there, that’s where affirmations kind
of have a backslash. We have to start building that belief, that conviction that this is true.

10:15 And the best way to build that conviction is by creating actions. So what actions would you be taking? If you were to
believe this. For example, I want to create other belief that I love myself.

10:24 I love myself and I’m good. All right? There are certain things that I can do for me that might not work for you, but
for me, they mean that I love myself. That could be taking myself for a walk, that could be taking a shower, that
could be taking a bath, that could be being in nature, that could be going out with my family.

10:43 It doesn’t matter what it is, but it is something that means that for me. So if I can do more of that, I’m creating
that as a fact that I love myself. Because look, I’m looking after myself even if I’m looking after myself.

10:57 Remember, actions speak louder than words. Energetically. I’m putting myself in that place that I look after myself.

11:04 And I love myself and I care about myself. I can speak kindly to myself. That’s an action.

11:10 It’s an internal action, but I can start doing that. Okay? I could write to myself a love letter, how much I love
myself, how much I appreciate myself and how tough life might have been at times. But now, now I’m just taking some
time to nurture myself.

11:11 I proved to myself that I’m loving myself and using my attitude changes towards myself. And of course I soften up and
I’m kindly to other people. I’m not loving to other people.

11:39 Part of this distance that exists with where we are and where we want to be, there will be resistance because we’re
just pushing against that comfort zone and we’re growing. So it makes sense that that might exist. And with that way
of creating a challenge, of creating a ritual, of creating action with mimicking what we talked in the previous
episode about creating an activating event, we start adding emotion to that belief.

12:08 That makes it more convincing, more believable, and our brain starts to create those references that say, yes,
actually, I do love and accept myself. Remember that breakthroughs? They happen when you act from that place. We can
build beliefs and have them on a piece of paper and look at them around, but they won’t do as much.

12:27 And sometimes it’s in the moment where perhaps you’re feeling a bit disempowered or in the moment before we start
doing what we want to be doing and we’re in a neutral state. We can bring in that belief. Oh, yeah, actually, yeah,
I’ve been wanting to do this video.

12:40 Actually, I can definitely do this. I can feel it now in my body. I can feel it within me.

12:44 I’m convinced that I can go in. I’m convinced that I can have this conversation. I’m convinced that I can meet this
new person.

12:52 And it’s bringing that conviction within us. As my friend Albert Ellis said, rational beliefs brings us closer to
getting good results in the real world. In conclusion, empowering beliefs can push us forward to achieve the things
that we want.

13:07 They can push us forward, to grow, to be more ourselves. That is the biggest thing that I want you to take.
Empowering beliefs put you in a position where you’re being yourself.

13:18 It’s not about being someone that you’re not, but it actually tends to be your true nature. The other stuff that
we’re going to talk about in the next episode is about limiting beliefs and the doubt and all these things that they
come in and they completely rip out this empowering belief as if it’s a plant out of the ground. But empowering
beliefs, they are the wind in ourselves.

13:39 They keep us going and going and going. They help us be healthier in our mental space. Notice the times that you have
a positive attitude when you have momentum and reflect for a moment what is it that I’m believing right now? That it
is so helpful to me, that puts me in this space, that I feel alright, that I feel empowered, that I feel okay? Where
else could I apply this belief in my life? That it will help me achieve my intentions, what I truly desire and want?
What are some things that I can start believing about myself, that will help me with my wellbeing, that they will
help me with my relationships with other people, that they will help me with my job, that they will help me in the
morning, that they will help me with my day? What are those things that they can help me, that I can start to build
and cultivate? Because they will help you to act in an unparalleled way.

14:39 And they will help you to have a healthy, positive attitude towards yourself, towards others, and towards the world
because they are based more on reason. I want you to remember something that although these beliefs are often labeled
as positive or rational beliefs, more often than not, they also have a saddleshire. There is a dark side to these
beliefs as well.

15:04 Anything taken to an extreme does. When we take things to an extreme, they will have a negative consequence. I prefer
the word rational belief because it presupposes reason and it presupposes balance.

15:18 Some examples that I mentioned earlier was, for example, that hard work and perseverance are awarded. Guess what the
trap in the dark side of that is. This is really helpful because it helps me move forward and it keeps trying.

15:32 But there’s also the other side of the coin, but it’s not necessarily true. But if it’s helping you do the things
that you got to do, and if it’s a healthy attitude that you have towards what you’re doing and you’re not being
stubborn and knocking your head on the wall all the time, then yes, this belief is empowering. But if you take it to
the extreme, then it has negative consequences.

15:56 Another example is I already have all that I need that can help you feel empowered within yourself, but it can also
close you down from receiving help from other people. Do you see the difference? Another thing is like, oh, it’s not
in the end of the world. That’s a belief.

16:13 It’s taking things too lightly. It’s not going to help you when you’re going through tough situations to lighten
things up, but you’re always taking things too lightly and you’re never serious about things. They were not properly
dealing with the things that they’re there.

16:26 Do you see that distinction? I can focus on empowering beliefs, focus on those beliefs, but they help you move
forward. In the next episode, we’re going to talk about limiting beliefs and irrational beliefs. I’m here to help you
heal, change and grow.

16:42 If there’s something that resonated with you, something that you need help with, perhaps with beliefs, give me a
shout at on Instagram @insidetreasures, and of course, my website,
www.insidereresidents.com. If you found any of these messages useful and insightful and you think someone could
benefit from that a loved one, a friend? Share the messages and wisdom to them and allow the wisdom to spread to
those around you because you never truly know how that will impact them.

17:15 Thank you for tuning in to another episode from Inside Treasures. My name is Phoebus, and until next time, my friends,
let peace guide your life. Let love guide your heart and reason guide your thoughts.

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