Adapting: When things aren’t the way you thought they should be

Even the most pessimists of us make plans. We make plans when we think we are going on holiday, when we go to our jobs or when we deal with other people.

It’s human nature to make plans and to assume that things will work as they are in our mind. The problem with that is that we miss out on a lot of information that we can’t really see.

The true problem is that in our delusion of the perfectionistic outcomes we fall pray into our ego. When things don’t go according to plan, our ego gives us a big kick in the teeth.

Resentment, sadness, frustration start to build up – creating a toxic environment that threatens our well being and quality of life.

What can we do instead?

Change our attitude and our perspective. The more we do this in life the more agile we become. The easier change becomes.

  • When things’ don’t work out for you, remember to stay calm. Start to reflect on the facts, on the things that actually happen. Reflect on your expectation of what you thought things should look like.
  • Acknowledge and accept that things didn’t turn out the way you want them to be. That is OK with you now.
  • Notice what you can learn from the whole situation that you can use next time to your benefit.
  • Be grateful for the lesson.
  • Draw up a plan of action and have another go at it.

Next time you find yourself lost in your emotions because things didn’t work out, remember this article and use these tips.