Finding Stillness

A four week online Live program to find stillness, peace and connection with yourself and others. Experience a combination of exploring how the mind works, coaching and meditation.

Most people think that they are at the mercy of their minds. The truth is managing to direct our minds is a skill that we can all learn. It is a life skill. One that we can constantly improve.

On this 4 week Live event, you will go though the process of finding stillness from within.

If you are tired of:

  • feeling disconnected from yourself, others and the world?
  • being unable to focus
  • being absent minded
  • your mind spinning around and derailing you
  • being torn into a thousand different directions, dissecting yourself in tiny fragments
  • being a victim of your own thoughts and emotions

And you want to:

  • Manage and control your mind more
  • Reclaim your focus
  • Develop presence and awareness that can lead to deep inner change
  • Find true connection with yourself, your loved ones and the world around you.
  • Let go of old patterns and limiting beliefs

Reclaim your mind

You will learn the techniques to slow down the mind. This is not a gift for the few chosen ones: it is an experience that you can have.

Finding stillness inevitably leads you to find a deeper connecting with yourself and those around you. From that space you can experience Harmony, Connection and Freedom within you.


When your mind is scrambled the ability to love gets limited. With stillness and intention we can radiate love towards ourselves and towards others. Your world can then be a world of love.


Creating the space for stillness allows you to remove the noise that gets in the way of your being. Your intuition will flourish as you learn to differentiate the voices within your mind you will find true connection with who you are.


  • Free to direct our mind
  • Free to let go of your limiting views of yourself
  • Free to connect and express what is within you

Create lasting deep inner silence

Silence is a space beyond creation and Creator, beyond life and death. As you practice silence, slowly, you can become silence

How will the session run?

  • Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Dates: September 6th, September 13th, September 20th, September 27th
  • Time: 7pm BST | 2pm EDT | 11am PDT

What will we cover?

  1. You True Nature vs The Noise
  2. The Mind-Body Connection
  3. Understanding the Mind
  4. A world created from Stillness


If you invest time in yourself, it will. Ask yourself a better question, how can I make this work for me?

A Live Online event over Zoom.

  • September 6th, September 13th, September 20th, September 27th
  • Time 7pm BST | 2pm EDT | 11am PDT
  • 90 minutes per session

Calls are 90 minutes long.

  • Distinction/Idea/Story (15 minutes)
  • Group coaching based on the shared idea (50 minutes)
  • Guided Meditation for stillness and well being related to the session (15-20 minutes)
  • Share your experience (10 minutes)

  • Group coaching - 90 min session per week for 4 weeks
  • Practice: 10 mins a day - You get to practice what we learn to create change and growth

I will be coaching one of you at a time. Not everyone will get the chance to be coached in every session. Everyone of you will be coached through our time together. At the end we will always do a meditation.

You will learn when others get coached. As I coach others, I am also coaching you. The point is for you to answer the questions. You also learn from the experience of others

You can do whatever you want. You will get access to the meditations and the lesson of the day. Whether you come or not

If you want to get the full benefit though you should join the call.

Coaching is a powerful tool fo change.

The introduction to the call will be recorded and so will the Mediations given at the session. None of the coaching aspect will be recorded

Actually most of it is based on science.

What I ask of you is to come with the Beginners Mind. I don't want you to believe in anything but I do want you to be open to ideas. New and old!

No, but you can gift your spot to a loved one. Spread the love!

It's possible, if any of the following apply to you pleased don't join this program.

  • Schizophrenia, Epilepsy or sever mental illness
  • Not wanting to commit to the process
  • Don't feel like developing a daily practice. Although you will get benefit from the sessions. The sessions alone are not enough without your personal investment.
  • If you want to be spoon fed
  • If you are a doubting Thomas. I don’t expect you to believe everything that I say. On the contrary. I do want you to be open. Open to listen for insight not for agreement. Open to test the things that I share and see how you can make them work for you.

About Phoebus

My life started turning around after failing and dropping out of university in 2003. That brought a big shift in my emotions. It became clear that I had a lot of false beliefs and skewed ideas about myself and the world.

The emotional confusion and chaotic thoughts brought me to a state that I had to look within for my answers. The path lead me to spirituality, mindfulness and psychology. Meditations, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Sufism, Christianity, Ancient Greek Philosophers, Ancient Hindu Philosophy.

I have spent most of my life studying myself and different therapeutic modalities, from Hypnosis, to Reiki and Coaching.

As a child I was quite sensitive. At an early age I used to observe the world around me and try to understand how things work. I often picked up others emotions and quite often confused them for my own.

I have the natural gift to be an attentive and active listener in silence. By entering into internal silence I allow a person to express themselves fully as I get more in touch with my intuition. Meditation has taught me to enter in silence, to be centred and present. I take that gift and hold the space for you to be.

In that space you find yourself, your thoughts, your emotions. You learn to separate the self from the mind. You get to experience more of You.

The course is closed at the moment.

In the meantime, if you are in need of finding your stillness and you would like to talk about it one to one. Please contact me or book a call with me to discuss.