Childbirth is just the beginning

Being in hypnobirthing for a while, I can’t help myself but to see and understand that we make such a big fuss about childbirth. Especially our first born. We take our time to go to classes prepare and set our mindset right.

All these are well and good and I am in favour of those actions. Having the right mindset and being prepared to have a lovely, empowering birth experience is what I am all about. But…

Are we perhaps over doing it? Maybe just a little bit? I think we do, we become obsessed about getting things the way we want them and get caught up in the doing that we forget to enjoy the fact that a new baby is about to come into our world.

I like to think childbirth as an amazing important experience that primarily the mum goes through and secondary a birth partner goes through. I see childbirth as a set of two doors with a narrow and short corridor in between. You open the first door and birth begins. You walk down the corridor as your go through the stages of labour and then the baby is out. You are out of the door and the rest is history. Is this though where the story ends?

No, actually this is where the story begins. That is why I am stressing the fact that we make such a big fuss for the childbirth.

When something ends, something else begins.

Don’t get me wrong, what goes on during labour is important. But what is more important is what happens after the birth.

How you bond with your new formed family. Learning to live with babies and children is a process, a process we need to enjoy for the benefit of everyone. How will you assist your newborn baby to live and grow? What kind of new stimuli you will give it to help the baby grow into an adult? Yes, we were all babies once and babies do turn into adults!

Getting our mindset and doing physical and mental exercises can help us with our birthing plan. What I like about hypnobirthing is that it assists you in your birth but also in life.

When you learn different kind of techniques that you can apply in birth, guess what? You can also apply them in life. I believe that any skills we learn should be transferable to other areas of our lives. With hypnobirthing this is true and very necessary for keeping your sanity long after you have had your baby.

Photo by Victoriano Izquierdo